Looking Back Woman

One of my most important companions is my drum.

Nice sentence !

– But which one?

I have over 60 drums, many of them handmade by me.

I use them for school visits and public teaching events, on Pow Wows and multicultural gatherings, for the people to use, to learn about drumming and the Power of the heartbeat of Mother Earth, so they all can meet and feel the voice of our common Soul.

There however are a few drums, that are “special” 🙂

Let me introduce you to one of them:

My Llooking Back Woman drum”.
The woman on it is looking back at where she came from.
What she has experienced
What she has survived
All the good stuff
And all the bad.
But she is moving forward.
towards the tree of Life that grows on Mother Turtle –
(seen as the living animate World by our Native People)
There are many Spirits in the air, surrounding the woman.
She is not alone.
There are buds on the Tree
for new Beginnings
like a Spiral of Life the sap/ Energy is rising up the Tree
To bring forth the New in the Woman’s life.

This is a healing Drum for women.
Only women may ever play it.
I am watching out for that.

Sometimes, this drum appears in the dreams of people I work with or mentor .

To help them move

13 thoughts on “Looking Back Woman

  1. The strange and convoluted path the internet provides, have caused a lady to re- blog this post her:
    with the following comments:
    I have no idea whom Mi-Shell is or why she used my Lakota name…making it appear as if I am she & she is me….I have only two drums, one that was passed to me by my Father Calvin Dupree, the other I made myself.
    For one appearing so deep & respectful, I find it odd using someones Sacred name as it appears here.
    HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree-Wa Chokpe Sni
    HakiktaWin on Twitter
    Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree on WordPress
    Suzanne Dupree on FaceBook & LinkedIn
    I do agree with the poem…the Circle of Life is being restored, the divine feminine energy & balance will be again, as it was before!

    My answers to her concerns are as follows:

    Hi Suzanne!
    Thank you for re-blogging my post and thereby giving my own blog more exposure! 🙂
    Sadly I do not know you, have never heard of you and strongly feel, that the name of one of my 65 -and counting – drums has absolutely NOTHING to do with you.
    As I see it, you have been given a Native name in a Native language according to the customs of your people. My drum has an English name, that came to me in a shamanic theta trance journey I undertook in keeping with the family traditions of my Siberian ancestors.

    The 3 English words: “Looking Back Woman” are not a registered trade mark!
    I would never even think of revealing, what these words = the name of my drum is, in my language,as spoken by the spirits in the vision – because THAT is SACRED!

    Since you stumbled over the virtual presence of my Looking Back woman drum, I wish, you and I could meet, giving you a chance to play the Looking Back woman drum and experience the healing of body and mind she brings. 🙂
    I hope this virtual encounter brings to you an expanded vision and some healing for all the hurts……
    Shya’an a’m!
    Blessings to you!

  2. What a wonderful invitation, I remember the ‘Looking Back Woman’ drum when we came to stay with you back in 2010 (sheesh has it been that long?) and from photos years before then.

    I do hope that you can both get to know one another, certainly now that a connection has been made.

  3. I posted this comment over at Suzanne Dupree’s blog:

    “With all due respect, I don’t understand how the fact that someone’s drum bears the same name as you do should bring any danger of confusing you and the owner of this drum. To me, it’s pretty obvious that you and Mi-Shell are different people and that the naming of her drum simply had nothing at all to do with you.”

  4. Hi guys! 🙂
    Yes, I am currently looking through old pictures, to find some from when I made that drum. It was in 1995 thereabouts. I remember painting it a month or so later……
    and then there is my “Black Bear dancing” drum…..
    I wonder………;)

  5. I wonder why Suzanne Dupree doesn’t want to know who someone is before casting judgement over them? It’s a shame because all cultures (1st Nations included) need balanced and thoughtful representatives to speak for them, not angry (and in this case entirely unfounded) recrimination. If her name is trade marked in English (why would that be if one claims another culture?) one has to wonder about the truth and foundation of her ‘Lakota’ heritage. “Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much”!

    Why use the English language to ‘trade mark’ your sacred Lakota name?

  6. Hi Mi-Shell! I enjoyed your post – as always! Other than that, i believe someone might be using your work to gain publicity and divert traffic to their site. 😉

    I also did some googling and here is info i found (in addition to milliecrow’s: )

    Also listed here: http://nuagetricksters.bravehost.com/offenderstext.html

    As per educational claims “scholar, educator, historian” etc., of course, one can call themselves whatever they want, but unless these are academical titles, which these are not – they have no legal significance.

    Oh, and by the way, under US legislation, personal names can not be copyrighted, so good luck with that claim. 😉

  7. Hi guys! thank you for your inputand for posting the links.

    I am SHOCKED by the information revealed

    and how someone can be ranting and raving in such a deranged manner ….

  8. Well, it’s all backfired somewhat since anyone reading that blog will inevitably come to have a look here and see what all the fuss is about. Perhaps this needed to be uncovered? Perhaps this lady needs some help and healing but that is definitely up to her to pursue.

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