Do you know the person in the Mirror?

Card of the day:

Minchiate Fiorentine:  4 of Cups:

There are 4 identical elaborate cups colored red, yellow and turquoise /green aligned with the 4 corners of the card. In the middle however there sits a rather crudely drawn Monkey on a patch of grass. He is holding up a mirror and is looking at his own face.

Monkeys and most other Mammals have self-recognition.

This makes me think: “Know thyself”

Know the person in the mirror, the person others see, when they look at you/ me.

The way they see / perceive me, what they recognize is only, what they know of themselves.

How they react depends, if what they recognize is something they like in themselves or not. If it reminds themselves of something they do not appreciate or that makes then feel uncomfortable about themselves, that is, what will col lour the green grass they sit on = the position they take towards me, the behavior they exhibit.

In the eyes of many I am a strange Monkey. I knew that all my life.

I have a sort of mantra – to keep me aware of that:

“My life fulfilling truth is a philosophy, for which most people have no frame of reference”

By walking my path I can change that.

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