The Fox in the Hen House

Card of the day:

Minchiate Fiorentine :

5 of Swords

Oh, the Fox in the hen house!

5 blue swords with yellow ………………. and red…………………. are nicely arranged, suspended in mid air over a scene: 3 chickens – cockerels to be precise ,2 red and and one white are looking on as a rather simply drawn Fox – or Wolf is seen emerging out of a rather stylized cube-like edifice, that somehow reminds me of a guard house !!! that lets me think of another allegorical saying: It goes something like “When the Fox is guarding the hens” or “Look, who is guarding the fort!

From the RWS system we all know by heart, what the 5 of swords mean. But Minchiate is 400 years its senior , even older than the Marseille – I think- (and have to check -) So all these rules along which we navigate through Tarot do not apply. I actually like that.

For one I can read a card purely intuitively, but as an added bonus I can study and find out as much as I can about these early decks and their time and their correspondences.

To recognize allegories in the cards is fun! Some I know – like this one, Others I do not, because I did not grow up with a “white Western worldview” and so have not been exposed to many of its fables, folk songs, fairytale and legends. I am learning now, as an adult =via intellect and memory, but that is very different compared to growing up with it…..Many of he stories and fables of my childhood are quite different, from Siberia and then again, some of the western ones were mixed in with them…..

Back to the Fox in the hen house:

He is white!

Innocent looking = according to the ways of the people in 1550 Italy.

The 2 hens with the red wing feathers -?- are they sensing the danger?, the first on stretches out as if to get a closer look, or a whiff of the Foxes scent. Chickens are reported not to have good eyesight – I have never “been a Chicken” – in trance I mean, I do not know, if that is true.-

Somehow the color of the chickens reminds me of the French, that invaded Italy in1494. What did the players of the Minchiate game think, seeing this card. Especially during and after these times of peril

Did these chickens represent the armies of Charles VIII of France to them?

Ifffff, then the Borgia Pope – Alexander VI certainly was to them the Fox in his white papal robe…..

Well, I recognize, I am drifting here….

For today, this is another “watch out, be careful, not all is as it seems “card.

For me NOTHING is ever, as it seems.

It is, as it is.

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