As a practicing shaman I am quite often dealing with questions of faith and with crisis of faith.

Faith and Fear are bed-fellows, you know.

They sit in client’s and patient’s  necks during the day-

Like: “I have Faith, therefore such and such will happen – or will NOT happen…..”


they REEEEEEALY come out at night

to play, to taunt and to fight!

This is the first time I am confronted with them – not intrinsic – through the imagery of a Tarot card, this time Faith is out in the open, her own card- and like always……..



….. waiting…….

Minchiate Fiorentine:

Card XVIII Faith

A card, that normally is not part of the Mayor Arcana

A middle aged female crowned by a yellow Dragon wing-like halo sits on a bench. She wears a blue (truth – at least for me 🙂 ) dress and has a red shawl draped over her hips and falling to the floor. I personally see red as passion, looking forward. She holds a spear in the left hand, ready to defend, what she beliefs in and with her right hand holds upright a yellow – -???? is it a lire or a book ??? or some form of board

She looks as if she is waiting – for something to happen – to her or for her. That IS the trouble with Faith:

In my shamanic practice I see it all the time. Passivity, passive expectancy towards deity. Especially from people raised in the christian religion. I pray and you do for me…..

OK, Faith is still better than fantasy

Fantasy involves a concept or belief people cling to in order to avoid reality

Faith however involves a concept or belief people cling to in order to face their reality.

Faith however relies on a power from the outside coming to the aid of the person. And then that implies dependency and an everlasting silent fear or uncertainly that that person, Being or deity will come through for them. And when thy waited long enough, or when they waited too long, this fear starts to eat them up from the inside. That is usually, when my phone rings and they are at the other end, looking for

A) me it intercede on their behalf, pray for them to “their” or another external entity, to please bring about what is needed.


B) try to find out “what they did”, where they digressed, committed a taboo, that made their external deity angry and unwilling to help. (Why is god punishing me with cancer?)

Then before me stretches the loooooooong road to mentor them towards the realization, that Spirit(deity) is NOT external, but is to be found within.

Within everyone and everything everywhere all the time.

And that this realization implies action:

The hands of the Goddess/ Creator…. …..are attached to your own wrists!

Do you have faith in yourself?

There are a thousand nasty things that shatter people’s faith.

A young lad, good student, at the beginning of his life – coming down with ALL….

A mother of 34 with 3 little ones dying of breast cancer…..

A soldier killed in the last days of the mission in Afghanistan…..

You all know many more of these scenarios.

Then people end up in a crisis of faith.

Then they need help.

Then I – with what I know and what I do can give them “a bigger boat” that will float them through the crisis.

Is this lady on this card waiting for bigger boat?

Are you?


5 thoughts on “Faith

  1. The spear was also a symbol (in Christianity) for test. Jesus was tested on the cross to see if he was dead by piercing his chest with a spear. How does our faith stand up to being tested?

  2. Thanks, Milliecrow!
    I have to learn a LOT about these different christian and classical European symbols!
    It is very interesting.
    Actually, Tarot is helping me to do that! 🙂
    Having drawn the “Faith card”
    today, I have kind of decided to look at all the other virtues over the next few days.
    But BEFORE my mind gets filled up with knowledge and what I learn in books and on the net,
    I want to see, what comes out of MY mind and my soul …. onto these pages…..

  3. Mi-Shell, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I have a hard time understanding the faith of religious persons. To me it seems like holding on to a lucky rabbit’s foot, believing that nothing bad or befall you, or if it does, it will be “fixed” like new. But then when that doesn’t happen, what a dark hole to be in with no light at all! I suppose my view of faith is that I will be given the strength and peace of mind to meet challenges, rather than thinking that the challenges will magically disappear.
    I will remember this:
    “The hands of the Goddess/ Creator…. …..are attached to your own wrists!”

  4. Thanks, bodhiseed 🙂

    I personally have to admit, my plan to explore the other “virtues” guided by the virtue cards of the Minchiate, and the meanings/ values behind them have hit me smack in the face with a wet rag.Yet again they are confronting me with christian teachings versus the horrrrrrrror I survived during the time I was taken away from the care of my father and placed in a christian orphanage, where all these virtues were supposedly practiced, but………….
    I am strugggggggeling to write about it- again
    I am strugggggggeling with just NOT writing about it……
    I am struggggggeling…….. 😦

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