Animal fabMinchiate Fiorentine:

5 of Swords

Struck in the head

This is a card that is had to look at for me:

4 swords suspended in mid air.

Below a horse resting on grass, but with the 5th sword stuck in his head.

This is the place, were the vet hammers in the ” death nail” when he needs to kill a horse. I know, I saw it, I grew up with horses and we raised racing horses at one time……

I am struck in the head today too – maybe because I just pulled this card. – probably….

It sure took away all my “Wind Horse – Hümorü Energy”

Struck, because I want to write, for these pages here, – but do not know, what

– or better, what first!

Toooo many thoughts sirrrrrseling through my head, fighting to come out first, turning my concentration to mush.

Above the swords – on the card, there is an anthropomorphic being sitting on a milk-stool reading a book

– or holding up his new ‘Kindle’ and reading – the New York times –  or my blog or yours – aside from the fact, that this here is Minchiate = AD1550-something and-  No Kindle!

–But books were new and putting ideas into people’s heads,

not only the elite, but also the people on milk stools – the you and me from way back then….

Struck them with notions, that some, mainly the church, thought were of the devil and would certainly kill you.

Why is this Being not fully human – or Animal? Is it a Bear? Is it a Cat?

In the times of Minchiate one could get away with expressing critical ideas and thoughts with Animal fables and caricatures of this kind. Everyone understood the meaning, but nobody could rightly be offended, because it depicted a critter of some sort and not a person.

Today I have to think long and hard to make out the intrinsic meanings.

Especially because this is not my culture and so I am working with “a deck missing quite a few cards”  😉


4 thoughts on “Struck

  1. Mi-Shelle, i hope you are working towards a book! To read Shaman’s analyzes of Minchiate tradition is unique experience!!! And so witty!!! “Anthropomorphic being sitting on a milk-stool reading a book– or holding up his new ‘Kindle’ and reading – the New York times …” Priceless!!!! Loving your blog!

    • Well, I am just babbbbbeling away uncensored, and that is, what came up. sometimes, when looking at cards, it his way I am getting all the stuff from my subconscious and unconscious out into the open, In the worst of cases I can then “sort it out” later.

  2. When I saw the horse first, I thought of a unicorn – but it has a lion’s tail?! That might go well with the idea of lost innocence by way of gaining access to knowledge… I’m also thinking of the sword of the intellect which sometimes is a useful tool and sometimes is a weapon to slice other perspectives into pieces.

  3. Thanks for that! I also wondered, if the tail of the horse should be the tail of the cat- person in the upper part of the card and what kind of allegory that would point to.
    I just wonder, you guys, being more familiar with “Western culture and thinking” (sorrrry if i formulate this wrong 😦 )
    Do you know, recognize these allegories??

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