Mary El Mistique

 The Mary El Tarot:

Well, this blog was  supposed to also be about my use of Tarot and my regular “go to” decks like the Greenwood and   the  Ironwing Tarot and and my explorations of new decks in my collection.

So here we go:

The Mary El Tarot is the “it” deck right now.

Everyone has one or is getting one or waiting for one to appear in the mail.

Tarot enthusiasts are blogging about it and re-blogging each other thoughts, adding their own 🙂

On Aeclectic Tarot, and international Tarot enthusiast site, we have a study group about each individual card.

I received my deck 10 days ago and YES, the artwork is stunning and VERY different, none-traditional and therefore a rather refreshing and exiting change from the usual RWS fare.

Here are sites to check out the deck:

Website of Marie White, the deck creator with images of all cards:

Mary El deck review:

Aeclectic Tarot study group threads:


5 thoughts on “Mary El Mistique

  1. I must say you have an exquisite taste in decks, Mi-Shell… Greenwood, Ironwing and now Mary-El… 😉 Love all three, albeit first two are too HTO for my little self, but Mary-El i hope to get once i am back to Russia.

  2. Hi MDR!
    Yes, with me it seems to be rather vice versa!
    I am strugggggggeling through my very first feeble attempts to get a grasp on the Qabalah, which is a foundation of this deck.
    I even did a shamanic journey about iffff that is, what I should study right now…
    I will sit down and try to write that one up.
    It is rather funny….:)

  3. Seems like I’m a late adopter once again… Yes, I plan to buy the Mary-El eventually, but not right now.

    I’m very curious about your journey about learning qabalh, though!

  4. Sharyn, I do not know, if you are the outside woman at all. I am not so sure, I “get it” but i like to be challenged and broaden my horizon. I certainly will not follow all the qabalistic meanings but read the cards more intuitively. I also do not think it is a suitable deck for readings in public. Too many images are “upsetting”, to say the least. And so far to me, it is a deck with 3 Death cards……

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