Meditation is one of my spiritual practices.

Just “sit” quietly.

Quiet the mind.

Shut down the thinking.

Just for a little while.

It feels soooooo gooood.


Then there is another form- kind of meditation I like – and often do:

I just call it “I am”

I sit outside on the upper deck, close my eyes.

It is never completely quiet.

There are all the sounds of Nature, especially in spring.

Whatever I hear, I am.

I am the Wind: I feel the wind fully and envision me being part of it, being it.

Until something else grabs my mind, forever hungry for distraction.

Ian Chickadee.

I am Blue Jay.

I am Canada Goose splashing in the water below the house.

I am Mäuse, sitting on my knee.

Mäuse, our Squirrel is annoying that way.

I an the Sun warming my body.

That one is one of my favorites.

I am the telephone !?

That one is the worst

Hopefully Peter gets it –

– or I am answering the call – maybe….

I usually “know” who is on the other line

and voice mail is my ally.

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