Peacock coincidences


Lately Peacocks are showing up in my daily life quite frequently. My life encounter with a whole flock of them in my last post was just the latest in a string on coincidences.

  • Since writing about the 4 of cups in the Greenwood Tarot I keep noticing their appearance in other tarot and Oracle decks.
  • Here is, what I wrote in the Greenwood  study forum about Peacocks:
  • Peacock:
    The worship of the Peacock has been reported as a survival of Tammuz worship. In Greece the Peacock was sacred to Hera and kept in her temple. They may neither be caught nor annoyed. It is sacred among the Jats and Khonds of India and in the Punjab its feathers, smoked, will heal snakebite. Elsewhere, waved over the sick, the feathers will cure disease. However the Muslims of Java report that the Peacock was a Guardian at the gate of paradise. then he ate the Devil, and so got that one into the gate.
    The Kama Sutra recommends that if the bone of a Peacock be covered with gold and tied on the right hand, it will make a man “lovely” in the eyes of his lady.
    In European lore the feathers are unlucky and the cry of the Peacock is a bad omen. Then, from the medieval times on the Peacock was the symbol of the soul and Masks made from the feathers were popular in the middle ages. The serving of Peacocks as a delicacy was reserved to the royal court and the birds were kept in the castle garden. About Peacock meat however it is known, that it is quite tough but people always have assumed that anything that looks beautiful must taste good.
  • Link to the whole thread:
  • A few weeks ago I discovered a beautiful beaded purse in the Value village store. A Peacock on each side. Should I get that? Why not – indulge myself….. 🙂
  • At the same time however my husband Peter was visiting his brother in Macedonia. They both went on a trip to see the country and stopped at the Greek-Orthodox church of St. Naun , that is famous for the Peacocks that freely roam its grounds. Peter was much more interested in the beautiful birds than the church, made numerous pictures and collected a few Peacock feathers for me. 🙂
  • This led Peter’s brother to suggest a visit to an old Episcopalian basilica in Stobi because it is known for its magnificent Roman mosaics that also feature of a Peacock, which for the locals there was and still is was of great significance

  • When Peter returned home I was quite taken with all the lovely pictures – especially those of Peacocks. Needles to say,the Peacock feathers are on our family Altar right now.
  • Now I just wonder, how much more “peacocky” it will get……

Well, comments are long since closed – I have no idea why, but I thought I post here the beautiful Peacock pin my husband Peter created:


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