Daily draws with the Mary El Tarot

My shamanistic worldview permeates everything in my life:

My work as an artist, my work with my clients and patients and also, how I see art – and the art depicted on Tarot cards.

Sometimes nothing special is “dredged up”

– and sometimes I “go deeeeep”

Welcome to the wild mix of the last few days:

Day 1:

Queen of Disks:

Worm Mother!

You dissolved my sister

3 years ago.

All that is left

are my tears

…. and her diamonds…..


Day 2:

The Wheel of fortune:

The Lady at the helm of her Spirit Boat:

Marseille was back then and is still now a harbor town, who’s luck depended on commerce and the ships from across the sea reaching port with the cargo in sellable condition.

With the Wheel being 10, the skipper is now in experienced enough to be in charge of his ship, his Soul boat.

She has to make decision to sail at all – or safely stay in port – and forgo the chances of rich rewards, because wind, weather, rain, currents and tides may very well leave her at the mercy of fate.

So, bare = naked in the face of the elements he/ she has to rely on feminine intuition and gut feelings (the wheel is at the place of her gut) to steer the ship onward to its destination – or into destiny

The fiery red and somewhat woody hair shows her bravery as well as her stoicism.

The white blindfold alludes to her pure intentions and also that still she has some of the 0, the innocence of the Fool about her.

The flower is at the place of her yony. She is wide open to the experience.


Day 3:

The Hermit is being swept away:

I see the wave of time cresting over him, spewing white wisdom and deep blue emotion that are threatening to drown him. Small swirls of yellow light hint at the glimpses of recognition we have in this sea of wisdom. But the wave is also sweeping him – and so all of us away, onward, before we can consciously grasp it all with aging frail hands.


Day 4:

The Devil makes me write this:

No, Marie, this Devil does not do it for me. Not at all.:(

He/ she is – yes – purple is the he / she color = a mixture of blue and red, but this He/ she devil is way tooooo symmetrical to be real. Too perfect to be taken seriously. There is no fire, no passion, no sexuality, no lust, that addresses the existence of all my hidden lust, leachery and neeeeeeds.

No abyss, no horror either.

Nothing that makes me dread – and fear, so as not to walk all over him

No danger, no warning of consequences,

no trickster spirit, no coowing, crowing greedy grin,

no tempest of temptation. Encountering him in a theta trance journey I would just walk right on by – or through this one, utterly unimpressed.

There are thousands like him, dead and starring…

Like commercials on TV, utterly over-designed and mechanistic/ formulaic

Too perfect, this cute little Lucifer, the top model after which the cristian god – by his own mistake fabricated his followers..

Whirrrrrling Snakes! Well. OK, so what?

I love Snakes …..

I touch them, pick them up, carry them around, rescue them out of bathrooms, I even ate one once. No, it did not taste like chicken….

I know Serpent Power, when it is rising up my spine when I do healing work…..

But this Devil? He does not really deserve Snakes. Put a little bunny with him

to tempt me to steal it…..

and see, what happens!??

With this one?

I bet you, Nothing will happen!


Day 5:

3 of cups:

Nice card.
A river dividing into 3 waterfalls.
So very NOT Mary El.
The message: There are always at least 3 ways to look at something.
In our Siberian tribal belief it says: 3 sides you see, 3 sides stay hidden
3 ways to judge
and fair


Day 6:


Have you turned into a gray haired Pussycat?

Lounging laid back lasciviously in Lilly ponds while licking Lotus?

Where is Mananan?

Foaming wildness that pummeled the drowning Hermit

…. once…………………

…………….64 aeons ago?

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