Mother Church – ??

Mary El Tarot  – The Hierophant / the Pope:


Mother Church:


What poison will you suck from me?

I hold you close, so you can’t see

all the colors of fearful symmetry.

I hold you tight, so you can’t grow,

experience, what’s there to know

Your hunger drains the life from me

Dare I drop you to set me free?

Mother Church


Larger than live, stone deaf and forlorn

Children, dead and guilty before they are borne

conceived beneath pious blankets, brittle and dry

ruled by thin waivers that hide dogma and lie

Raised on wine from aging breasts, sour and stale

and bread devoid of nurture that weathers life’s gale

Hands grabbing young innocence in a lecherous caress

then on Sunday communion of moldy nothingness

Dire whispers of secrets buy silence with shame

instill phantoms of self-hate of mistrust and blame

Allow that to rule your life from cradle to grave

Or will you break out, be a free Soul and brave

6 thoughts on “Mother Church – ??

  1. I look at this image and see a church that has no nourishment or sustenance to offer, but still keeps insisting it does. Humans are evolving spiritually (some at least), but the church has failed to do so.

    • Oh!:) Thank you for that!
      I think, in my “poems” bring forth my own critical view of what happened to me as a child, when I wastaken away from my “heretic father who did devilish (shamanic)things and stuck into a christian orphanage tortured and exorcised because they thought I had the Devil in me…. And things well up also from my experiences now working with patients and with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with First Nations People.
      the church breeds guilt and shame into peoples hearts…..

  2. Surprising that the Church is represented by a woman in this “pope/hierophant” card. Yes it’s called “mother church” but it’s totally patriarchal.

  3. I just saw something on Marie White’s blog where she says this hierophant is an Egyptian mummy–I didn’t pay any attention to the tattoos under her eyes. Under her wimple is bandages. She writes that she layered in old religions, post of April. 4. Well this counts as one of the most disturbing cards I’ve seen. She knows how to get to people with her paintings.

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