On Beltane

On Beltane

Sky Father is weeping

soft cold tears

that nourish the Earth Mother

during her labor pains

Birthing new greens

birthing new growth

birthing new life

to walk and dance upon her.

Like the Moose

dancing on gangly legs

across a landscape of tussocks

soggy with the juices

from the belly of the Mother

They fill their bellies

 with the leaves of water lilies

She birthed


for them……..

We saw them while having breakfast, slowly wading through the wetlands across from the house.
All pictures by Peter J. with Nikon D500 with tele lense 70/300 from living room window

7 thoughts on “On Beltane

  1. Emerging Visions visionary art ‘zine #22


    In celebration of Earth, our Gifting Gaea has emerged.
    Share our Gift; Enjoy our Earth; Blessed Be

    Sense caressing meadow
    Green grain and brilliant petals
    Lovely buzzing, lively hopping
    Warm, yellow light at play
    Luscious wash of pleasure
    Fragrant, rolling, mellow
    Miles of flowering moments
    Celebrate today

    Imagine May Day

    Brazen witches fly, legends say,
    dark Moon nights; arise, stealthy, silent
    in their joyous revelry.
    Bonded to Earth’s creation;
    learning at mother’s breast
    to manage life’s gifts and lessons.

    Historic Man may proclaim, may murder
    for fealty, to swear allegiance to
    their hunt’s command.
    They may elevate their One True King
    to kneel and obey. They may employ
    counting measure, ceremony and sacrifice,
    taunting and torture or other trials
    thus finding for each loyal swan a pond
    to plunder, to parade in royal colour,
    their place of pride.

    Cruelty descends, more master than tactic;
    it is the enemy of joy, of flavor,
    bonding, works of love and honor.

    Yet men, on real ground, work companions
    to soil and rain, engineers trained to each
    moment’s urgencies, philosophers of stone and mud,
    reason and toil, persist. Their sinew and bone feed
    the ages, build clay and richness on which
    wealth relies.

    Wisdom knows the sweat of practiced movement,
    flexible to unexpected obstacles, able to modulate
    quiet or loud as the crowd ebbs
    or grows in credulity.
    Where wisdom seeps through, counters
    prevailing poisons, invigorates blood to nourish
    minds and hearts, look there for blessing.

    Arise, lovers! Bring forth better days,
    ours to play in open revelry,
    neighbors enjoying shared labors and our fruit.
    Accept truth of magic; imagine life into this world.

    Beltane 2012

  2. So cold and wet…but the Moose like it that way, treading lightly in the bog without sinking. So different from here, where Summer has been kicking at the door and breathing in the windows for two weeks now, and it’s already hit 100 (the “ice has broken” on the dry rivers, as they say). Tall stalks rising, shadow flash-figures of invisible eagles falling around me on my morning walk. Brushing the cat and hanging the fuzz on the clothesline, watching the hummingbirds carry it away for their nests.

    • Oh! 🙂
      Nice to see your words on my little place!
      I am a firm worshiper of Ironwing! I hand painted all the cards and use the deck for my personal readings!
      Yes, I think it will be a furnace of heat at your home shortly.
      i am currently making a Rabbit fur pouch and am putting the loose hair as nesting material into an Onion bag that will hang on the line where our Bird feeders are.
      Blessings to you and all my readers!

    • Hi Jim! I – just by accident fished your comment out of the “spam” folder! I just hope other words of yours did not end up there as well… Maybe getting yourself a little avatarpicture and not just that color sign… so I and other blogers can find you better?

      You are toooo precious to end up in the wrong pile!!!!!

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