So: What have I been up to in terms of Tarot during the last few weeks?

Well, My dear friend Rowena from Aussi-land send me a very sweet present:

The Shadowskapes Tarot featuring the fantasy art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law! 🙂

This deck had been on my wish list for quite a while. But every time I saw it in the store I looked at it – and ultimately put it back on the shelf., thinking, that a deck featuring fairies and Dragons is not really “my thing”

I would have loved to just look at the deck and its intricate artwork, but read with it?

But what a very pleasant surprise it was, when I held this little treasure in my hands: The detail in the artwork is amazing! Multitudes of small Spirits appear in every single card, emerging from the rocks, Trees, Plants and other background features, each single one drawn in detail and portraying a distinct character worthy of appearing on a card of its own. Musical instruments are woven into trees, rocks are made up out of Nautilus shells and fossilized Snails, Dragon horns and Earth fairy tails. Mystical Fibonacci Spiral designs are found in almost every card, formed by the tails of Foxes and Dragons, the roots and branches of Trees, and again rock formations.

I am at a loss to describe it all, so if you do not already know the deck, you have to visit the artist’s site and look at the images:


Some of my favorite cards are:

The Tree Spirit Hierophant is one of the nicest one I have ever seen

The Queen of Wands and the King of Pentacles

But I also love the comparatively simple 3 of Wands and the 8 of Pentacles

The High Priestess – there is an Owl on it – what else can I say…. 😉

The 3 and 8 of Swords are exquisitely sad.

Although there is a lot going on in each card I do not feel overwhelmed or as if being distracted.

Without being “fluffy”the deck for me is a gentle and refreshing change away from the harsh realities of life, death and stress and worries in a modern goal oriented world

Something else to mention are the gorgeous card backs and the silky smooth feeling of the card stock 🙂

I am quite pleased, that I find it easy to read with it, for myself in daily draws and more importantly for others, who are looking for answers to their serious questions.

2 thoughts on “Shadowscapes

  1. Hi Mi-Shell
    First… I thought I saw you in Aussie-land last Saturday,the lady looked ‘so’ much like you I almost went up to her to say G’Day. She was older than your pictures look, though not much! It was in a little town in the Blue Mountains near where we live. What can I say… uncanny resemblance, same plaited hair, same round glasses,similiar type clothes.I saw her/you around 12 noon, Aussie time.
    Maybe it was you!

    Secondly, what you said about the Shadowscapes tarot… me too… have seen it in a few shops on the east coast down here, looked at the box, then thought, nahh! I couldn’t read for others with it, the art was fascinating from what I have seen of it, which isn’t really that much, and have always returned it to the shelf.
    On saying that, you certainly do provide great/accurate links to the artist web sites, which for a computer klutz like me it is ‘most helpful’.
    What you wrote about the Mary-el tarot and the site you also provided, led me straight to Marie White (who I have had as a fb friend for some time while having no idea that she was the creator & artist of that deck,)… that was a deck I had ‘wanted’ for some time, and your link led me to talking to Marie and buying one from her personally… thank you!
    On having a closer look at the Shadowscapes via the link you again provided, It is much different to what I thought it was (artwise) and maybe a possibility in the future, I will have to admit I first thought it would be another fluffy WCS variation, on just coming back from the site I have changed my mind completely. This deck has some great art in it, I looked at many of the paintings and found, yeh! that’s talking in a continuum of tarot type terms which are not just a re-paint of Pamela Coleman Smith’s using fairys & trees.
    You do some great & most objective writing, without compromising your integrity or beliefs… which I thank you for.
    Have only come to the computer/internet world maybe about a year ago now, after our son set up a fb page for me, so this is all new to me. at the moment I’m trying to work out how to transfer the odd little things that I photograph from time to time that amuse me, to my fb page, I’ll learn… eventually.The lovely lady I share my life with is a registered nurse with a tinge of doubt about ‘some’ of what goes on in cyberworld.Her work which I admire, she has been in most areas of the hospital from maternity to casuality and now she is a nurse practioner in palliative care (in Oz, nurse practioner means she can prescribe medication following the directions of the specialist concernerned, she works with the dying & their family(s)… she is a great tarot reader though she owns no decks, she uses some of mine sometimes (well they are ours really) ,though she prefers light hearted & whimsical ones, she may well like the Shadowscapes deck as I know her work stretches her coping skills to the max. though she never complains about the nature of the work, the upper management who do not get there hands dirty, well, I wont say what she says they can do.
    If these comments on your posts are too long/boring or are not what you want just tell me, as I do not get offended. I’m only subscribed to three blogs (as far as I know),as I do not watch TV or read newspapers anymore, this format has become more of an interactive way to keep up with the ‘doings” of humans… ‘being’
    In no way am I trying to act as an elitist, impress,or crawl to anyone to be liked, for me there are far more important things one can do in this stupendous world that reach far beyond being liked or disliked by our fellow humans. just think that there is no need to be arrogant about it, I find it easy to write, I like writing so I write… I certainly don”t expect the reader to like what I have written 🙂

  2. Hi Jim!
    I love!!! your detailed letter-style posts, so keep them coming! 🙂
    Shadowscapes is definitively growing on me!
    On Aeclectic Tarot, the international Tarot site, I am a member of the “Deck of the Week” group, a little group, of readers and collectors, that chooses a different deck each week to use, study and get to know better. We all have lots of decks, that we like, but for some reason or other never really had time to use. We talk to each other about our chosen decks and also give each other readings, to see, iffff we connect with them….
    do you know AT? = Aeclectic Tarot?
    Membership is free – appart from the “Spirituality” and the “Chat” forums,
    I have about 64Tarot decks and about just as many Oracle decks and only use about 8 of them on a regular basis for public face to face readings. The others are decks I received as gifts or are decks I am interested in to study and /or stretch my Tarot horizon, like the Mary-El for example.
    Now in the summer I am almost too busy to continue with the group. Our craft show season has started and in July and August I also am going to be very busy with clients and students, that come to Muskoka for the summer…..

    Interesting, what you write about your partner. I am a Registered Nurse as well – by training – and I keep up my license and try my best to keep current with news in the medical field. It helps with my shamanic clients, many of which who are quite sick…..

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