Death in triplicate

This week I am sticking my nose back into the large Mary-El box. My friend Gregory E. is coming over and we will hopefully have a good talk about this deck. I can use a few pointers :)So here is a little something about Death:

I feel, the Mary El Tarot deck has 3 Death cards

Death of the ego:

To me this card does not show the usual Death and transformation we see in other decks.

This one: Death of the ego, bringing a serene androgynous balance between passions and knowledge on the one side and the feelings of love, attachment and personal preferences on the other.

What then grows is the true wisdom of non attachment symbolized in the flowing white hair that extends beyond the card into infinity.

The eyes are not dead. They are black pools that have seen it all.

10 of cups:



We all have the 10 of wands inside us, racing ahead, in time, towards the inevitable end of our mortal existence while fighting to keep alive- praying the wild ride is not over sooooo soon. Re-incarnation you ask? Honestly: Are YOU ready for it, RIGHT NOW! This minute?

Or would you rather ride the red Horse of escape?

Get the transplant, get the chemo, Not go on the Titanic, whom we all know, is doomed…..

We love Life and we do not want it to end. Not now anyway, (not ever….)

Welcoming the end of the ride?

We are not “there yet”

We will be, some day, when life feels like pacing the mortal cage.

When we are, we are, where the XIII is now.

But before? No, before we are there, we are this, and we have a lot of spunk in us – yet……

This card to me shows all our will to survive, our biological fear of death, the Death we carry inside us from the moment of conception.

10 of Swords:

The Grim Reaper:

This would make a magnificent single Death card for any other deck!

Is it the proverbial Grim Reaper or is it Morgana le Fey, out to collect the fallen soldiers from the battlefield?

Is it us, you -or me getting up the gumption to take out the scythe and cut all the dross out of our lives? Piles of Tarot decks we do not relay use, oooold boyfriends, who-s kiss tastes stale, bosses bubbling caustic venom….. Al that…. It is ready to be cut of since quite a while. When you pull this card, will you dare to – – become the Grim Reaper yourself – and cut it? All of it! Quick, merciless and efficient…?

Before this crazzzzy ride is over, we have a decision to make:

Our mortal hull –

Will we give it to the Worm Mother to recycle – or to the Phoenix and his eternal flame

7 thoughts on “Death in triplicate

  1. I still haven’t fallen under this deck’s spell. In the beginning simply because the Aces turn my stomach and I’ll not pay money for that little trick. But the more I see of the cards the more I feel I should literally turn away from their images, they are too personal, too private to be exposed to strangers such as I.

  2. Hi Mi-Shell
    Am waiting patiently on this deck, the Mary-El to arrive. I found it on a link you provided in an earlier post/blog you did. I had ~No~ idea that it was painted by Marie White who is a fb friend! I always thought I probably wanted this deck from the little I had seen of it, then ages later you provide a link that takes me to Marie’s site & shows every card of the deck. I know I am not exactly a mr current affairs & am behind in much of the technology world, though not to know that this was the work of Marie, yep I’m a dumb arse! So….. I contacted Marie and am buying one directly from her, the book/deck set.
    Thankyou for providing that link!
    I do not buy many decks… anymore, unless they speak to me & this one does.

    I really like the way you have described the three different death’s you found in this deck….well written…..very well written indeed!

    • Hi Jim! 🙂
      I hope your deck will arive soon and you can study the images close up!
      I will write a few more posts about certain cards over the next few weeks.

  3. I like the Death card in this deck. Man or woman, of what race? Can’t tell, and it doesn’t matter. Hair becoming mycelium, seaspray, or downy feathers. Marks on her neck look like the tracks of fingers – touching with love or hate, healing, clutching, or saying goodbye?
    What would you think if you learned (months too late) that someone you loved who was dying dreamed of Death as a woman, and saw Her face as your own?

    I followed the progress of this deck on the Comparative Tarot list for a couple of years while I was working on my own deck. I have Marie’s original painting of the Six of Wands (St. Michael and the dragon) but it’s an earlier version, not used in the deck, and has a lot of red in it. It hangs in my metal shop.

    I agree that it’s a very personal deck. As is to be expected with such a deck, some of the cards speak to me very strongly, some are neutral, and others are completely mute or even a bit of a turnoff. But it’s a lovely, courageous work of art with more depth and intention than most decks. For readings, many of the images are powerful enough to stand alone without the interpretations in the book.

    • Yes! 🙂
      I agree. The actual Death card is currently my favorite Death card from all the decks I own.
      On your question:
      “What would you think if you learned (months too late) that someone you loved who was dying dreamed of Death as a woman, and saw Her face as your own?”
      I would say, that death comes in many different guises to many people and if the person saw a female, she might perceive Death as feminine, gentle and caring, motherly taking charge of her or as a lover arriving to consummate a union….. If it face was yours, the person may see you as the archetype personifying this image of death. there is nothing more beautiful for someone as seeing death approaching and being a trusted friend, taking charge of a difficult chore or lending a hand. You are a transforming Spirit. that changes the shape, form and properties of things with your art and in your forge. the smith has always been the shaman who changes existence through the Elements, using Earth, Fire, Water and Air………
      I will think some more on this question, but my gut sense is, it is a thing of Beauty…….

  4. It really did happen to me many years ago (too long a story to tell here). I was reminded of it because Marie’s card seems to ask that question, and I feel that it’s probably fairly common but people just don’t talk about it. As you said, a transformational event for all concerned. Oddly comforting once you get past the initial weirdness.

    I like the way this card confronts the viewer directly, which most Death cards don’t do.

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