Tarot intensive in the bush

As I already mentioned, my friend Gregory E. had come over for a couple of days and for me this was the occasion to set all the jewelry making as well as my shamanic client list aside for a few days and dive into a “Tarot intensive” with her.

She has the most decks of anyone I know: 1844 and counting!

Yes, imagine THAT!

Her reading style is quite different from mine: She participates in many of the reading circles in our international Tarot forum Aeclectic Tarot and gives carefully thought through readings in written form to its members. I do face to face readings either for my long time clients, people I see from once every few months to maybe once a year, when they come to my home. But I also love to read for “walk in clients” on markets, fairs and street festivals, meaning for people I have never before seen and know nothing about.

Not only did we compare our reading style, we also had a little Mary-EL Tarot intensive.

For hours we looked at individual cards and compared our impressions and feelings about the images.

With the Mary-EL in the Mosquito tent on the upper deck:
So far no Bear in sight….

3 thoughts on “Tarot intensive in the bush

  1. Despite the mosquitoes, I wish I had been there with you!

    I would like to do more face-to-face readings (as opposed to written readings for people on the Internet) but I don’t feel ready to advertise myself as a tarot reader in any official way. I also would like to do more readings in German, because that part of my “reading brain” is badly underdeveloped since all my online readings are in English!
    However, word of mouth hasn’t gotten me many interested sitters so far (possibly because there aren’t too many people who even know I read tarot), so I figure it’s just not the right time for me to branch out here, yet.

  2. The mosquito-and-blackfly-proof Expedition Tarot Hut! (With built-in zippered Gore-Tex deck pockets!) Looks like fun. I used to do face-to-face readings (for strangers at events, and a few people that I knew) but I haven’t read for anyone else in several years.
    Too dry for mosquitoes here yet, but cicadas are buzzing.

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