Dragon killer

Dragon killer:

Continuing on with the 6 of wands, which is supposed to depict archangel Michael. The card is dark brown overall with just the light skinned red haired human in the middle. Yes, I wrote human. See, he/ she killed the Dragon, a magical creature full of the wisdom of the ages. With a rather grotesque finger hold the pale lad grasps the dead Creature by the neck. In my opinion, he also grasps something else: The truth that with this kill, with murdering this being, that is also a sacred part of Great Mystery, just like he himself he lost his angle status and became human.

Are angels allowed to kill?

Are angels supposed to kill?

Is the christian god ordering them to do so?

Ifff yes, he is sick and should see someone about it….

(ย  ;0 should I give him my phone number? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

They say, this guy is love and light…. but we all know better: Like soooo many other things in christianity behind the brilliant light there is darkness of righteousness, brutality, one-up-man-ship, vengeance and an attitude of superiority. โ€œMe above everything! Me above all other religions โ€“ Or else!! And if not, I send my archangels…โ€ โ€“ Like this one here to kill, or torture or …worse…. This is -after all the old war god Yahweh from the old er religion that people are praying to. And he was a brute… still is….The bible is still full of nasty things he put people through…. and I wonder, what all was edited out over the years….

Now back to this fallen angel; His wings are dark brown supposedly like the mountains in the background… – or they are turning brown with the dried blood that cakes them and makes them useless for flight = rising above it all…. He is supposed to be god’s warrior. What does this guy need a warrior for? Now this warrior has killed yet again โ€“ and once too often and โ€“ his face shows the apprehension and โ€ฆ… aversion about his own actions. To me he seems lost, confused even. Like, now what. Here, dear god is the last dragon. The last Wisdom Keeper of the old Earth centered faith. But with it also dies the angel’s own power and all that is left is a burning lance. And the world around him turns to darkness, which is why we can not really see much on the card.

I think, I want to next put here, what the book says about the image:

Quote Text Mary ELTarot:

The 6 of Wands is the Archangel Michael. His name means “Who is Like God.” He is a warrior thatcommands the armies of God. His fire and life force interact with things directly and with force, with vengeance and righteousness. His weapon, here, the flaming spear is like the lion from the previous card the 5of Wands, burning a trail through the dark forest, making a way forward. This dragon he destroys is darkness; he
estroys it with direct force and illumination, by going straight through it like a penetrating army. He bears the sigil of Michael on his forehead, a symbol derived from tracing a name over the rosy cross. Each of the four archangels have this
re on their body. Names are very important to angels, as they define who and what they are, limit them from the limitless, and define them. Angels often bear the suffix” el” on their name which is an ancient name for God as in Allah, El, Elohim, Ba’ al, etc. The el describes them as ” of God” or an aspect, a portion of God charged with certain duties that support the creation and maintenance of the universe.

In this painting Michaels wings resemble dark mountain peaks and there are legions of angels flying in the sky. Michael comes down to the earth, to the pits of hell, and slays demons and dragons.

This card is to slay your dragons. The dragons are whatever opposes you or your situation. Spiritually the dragons are darkness and ignorance within ourselves. We illuminate this darkness with fire.

This is also a marriage of these seemingly opposite elements, the angel and the dragon, or demon. A being from heaven and a being from hell, but both are part of you, one is your higher self or genius, and one is your lower self, your subconscious. A marriage of heaven and hell, angelic and demonic.

Your demons are part of you, they protect you, they have purpose. You can remove them, kill them, suppress them, chain them, but that will be destroying a beautiful aspect of yourself; it is far better to cleave to them, integrate them, appreciate
them and become a
well-rounded. strong human being of dark and light, than a shallow facsimile with a cracking facade using all of your energy to hold back the tide of things you deem unworthy to be you. It is all you, embrace it and integrate
it, marr
y it, love it, this is an important part of the Lovers. This is the last step of creation, where male and female, contrasting opposites are balanced and come together in symmetry and balance. Once you are whole, you have found the treasure of your being and you will ride off on the Chariot to do your will.

Michael is the patron saint of soldiers and warriors.

This Dragon was supposed to be darkness. Well, when you kill darkness โ€“ in this card you have more darkness. Darkness is the balance of light. And contrary to the christian belief most First Nations wisdom from all around the world teaches us, that there needs to be balance. Not just one sidedness. Too much of a good thing turns bad by nature….

The book says, that this angel is sent down to Earth, to the pits of hell…!?? Since when is Earth synonymous with the pits of hell ?

It also says, that the โ€œelโ€ in an angel’s name is to bind the angel to his god, make it like him and force it to do his will. Obey his orders. These include orders to kill….

The book contradicts itself here in the end:

(I actually LIKE that, because it tells me, that this whole notion is not really making sense to the writer either.:)

Are you now supposed to slay your Dragons or are you supposed to integrate them into your whole being, because they too are beautiful and wise aspects of you? I think Marie first dutifully draws us the christian front line. This is the bible and how it is supposed to be. But inside herself she knows better:

If we kill our inner demons, which indeed are a part of us, that then we would kill a beautiful creative aspect of ourselves โ€“ and we would stand there, forlorn and with hollow eyes, just like the poor lad on the card.


Marie come and paint for me

another image so we see

Holding Dragon in loving hand

Angel walks across the land……

7 thoughts on “Dragon killer

  1. I often wonder at the 6 of wands (any deck)…. can there be:
    victory without victims?
    When I’m reading if it turns up, that’s often where I start:
    Co-operation – working together to achieve something that is beneficial for all concerned rather than an unequal relationships type of approach to… anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This I have wondered about too. Dragons are seen as elemental energies – elemental wisdom in many cultures (non christian) to kill this in favour of a single dogma demonstrates a lack of understanding. Even at school I never understood George and the Dragon . . .

  3. Ha! I think I’ve finally figured out how to log in so I can post here. Hi, Mi-Shell, it’s Debra, I’ve been following your blog with interest. About the dragon. What about predatory animals? Where you live one might still theoretically be killed by a very large one–many parts of the world, they are gone or people are otherwise safe from them. Not so many tigers stealing children from villages in India these days. I raise this because Barbara Ehrenreich, in her book Blood Rites, argues that much of human history is shaped by the fact that our ancestors were not only hunters, but also prey. I think this has to do why a protector god or angel doesn’t hesitate to kill. Maybe.

  4. Oh! Mooninfog, I KNEW it was you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, you are right, when i go outside I especially right now I might get killed by our Bear, who this moment is prowling around the house…. And yes, I think, a winged protector might have been the Power to have in the times of human evolution – and eventually be translated into the figure of an angel. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Do you think the christians then “changed this Spirit around into an avenger of right versus wrong, whereby wrong is everything that is not christian?

    In the very oooold lore the Dragon held all the Earth based wisdom in his head and every ?spring ? fall-?? imparted the wisdom to the young women of the people, a ritual for which the elder crones – like us ๐Ÿ˜‰ would bring these young girls into a special cave, where the priestess of the people “served” this mythical Dragon and translated his/ her wisdom to the people……
    Then we had the change from matriarchy to patriarchy and the young swashbuckling hero went into the cave to rescue the young girl (damsel in distress) before the Dragon would- – – ?? do what to her?? Impart his wisdom??? The hero had to slay the Dragon just in time and get the egg in its head – a powerful jewel and bring it to the king so he could marry the damsel, which usually was the king’s daughter = the young queen…..
    The egg = ovid mystery of creation in the head of the Dragon is most often interpreted as old female wisdom about the Earth, healing arts, procreation and how not to get pregnant, but enjoy sex as a female = all stuff that became off limits for average women in patriarchical societies, where men who were out to hunt or to war for long periods of time only can prove paternity to the children of their wives by keeping them on a very strict moral code…….
    the fact that Michael slays dragons tells me that he is an adaptation from the time waaaay before christianity – like Santa and the Reindeer…
    Oh, I could go ooooon here….
    I find it fascinating to go to the roots of all these archetypes and discover where they originally arose from…..

    And talking about Tigers! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My great grandma Ulali’s Miahanit was a Tigress and I have seen her several times….
    I will post about this – some day…..
    And about what and whom Tigers according to our tribal lore were allowed to eat and whom not….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Everywhere in the world where hunter-gatherer societies lived, we find that they honour the big predators as Gods. The Lion man of Hohlenstein Stadel, Bear (Ainu, Siberia, Europe, N America), Jaguar in South America. Our ancestors deified prey animals too, both predator and prey were important. Only when we get to Agricultural societies with domesticated animals do we see the predator vilified and hunted to extinction, partly because the predators were predating their domestic animals and partly because settling down in specific areas lead to hundreds of years of fighting over land and resources so the qualities of the predator were in high demand. Then we add Christianity to the mix and we no longer need predators. On top of that the Abrahamic religions (cults??) teach that the Earth is the dominion of man and God has put all things on the Earth for man to use. So what was once honoured is now demonised.

  6. Ironically, I’m learning lots of stuff about Christian lore here… Since I grew up without religion (apparently, it had by then become possible to enter school without having religion and without having to make a big stink – although I still was a major oddity due to my lack of religion), I only came across bits of Christian lore here and there, to the degree you will in a culturally Christian-dominated country like Germany. So I really don’t know much more about Christianity than I know about any other religion – which is next to nothing, except for the aforementioned random bits here and there.

    Christianity never hurt me personally in a direct way because I never belonged to it, nor did anyone force it onto me. I just can’t relate to it. And nowadays I get seriously annoyed when people talk about spirituality/religion/faith as if everyone is Christian (or one of those scary and mysterious muslims about whom people know nothing but their own prejudices)…

    And to at least try and tie this back to the original post: The quoted part from the book really sounds contradictory. I have to admit that your analysis of the Mary-El cards makes me wonder if I’ll actually be able to relate to that deck for reading purposes (once I get around to using it)… But then I also read the Thoth intuitively and don’t worry too much about not understanding the “official” symbology.

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