Upcoming celebrations for National Aboriginal Day

I have been asked by the town of Huntsville to do the Noon Day Prayers for National Aboriginal Day, which is June 21st = the Summer Solstice

National Aboriginal Day is a fairly new holiday here is Canada.

Most Native communities have always celebrated the Summer Solstice according to their cultures and people living in the big cities drive home to the reservation for the day, much as other Canadians would do for Thanksgiving day.

So this day was essentially selected by the Government to pay long over-due tribute to the First Nations.

Here is a little more about it all came together:





Sadly there is little funding in the communities for putting an event and so we all organize things on aolunteer basis.



I  am planing to set up a cultural display for our 2 Host Nations, the Anishinaabe  ( = the Ojibwa)


and the Kanien’keha’:ka  (= the  Mohawk)


After the prayers at Noon I will have the Teaching Tent open for cultural teachings:            

– – Smudging:

       Making Prayers with sacred herbs
    = learn about smudging and  participate in a smudging ceremony   
— Our Host Nations the Anishinaabe and the Mohawk:
            a look at 2 distinct cultures –   

– – Buffalo teachings  –

– – Frame Drum circle 🙂

    I will bring the large Pow Wow Drum and extra  drums

– – sometime later …..

  after I catch my breath……
   Question period!!????

= What would you like to know..?

—-Closing prayers

6 thoughts on “Upcoming celebrations for National Aboriginal Day

  1. Hi Mi-Shell,
    What an honour for you to be doing this/being part of this.
    From down in the southern hemisphere I wish you and the day well.
    I’m sure you will help bring all the ‘thens’ into ‘nows’ & further them into
    one time with the respect & dignity they deserve!

    • 🙂 Thanxxx, Jim.
      This kind of thing is, what a Medicine person, that is a fully integrated part of the wider community is put in charge of. It also shows, who is respected by the general population and trusted to present a balanced and growth affirming event……

  2. Now, lots of people asked me about the poster. It was designed by the Town of Huntsville. The central painting was created by Anishinaabe artist Dave Powes and depicts the Robin for the East Coast Nations, the Eagle for the Native Nations in Central Canada, the Buffalo for the First Nations out West and the Polar Bear for the Inuit and Northern Nations. The Animals are depicted on the colors of the 4 races and are surrounded by a Sweet grass braid. The 7 roots of the Tree of Peace are reaching into the Waters (blood of Mother Earth) and stand for 7 generations of First Nations reaching into the future from here. And lastly we have Sky Father’s blue blanket, in which Mother Earth lives and the white Cloud People that are pointing towards the Ancestors…..

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