Into the Cave

7 of Coins:
When I drew this card this morning,

I had to laugh out loud!

See, yesterday evening we went to see the movie “Cave of forgotten Dreams” from Werner Herzog about the Chauvet Cave in France.
Now today, the 7 of Coins shows a prehistoric person painting on the wall of an ancient cave – supposedly Lascaux, but the Horse drawings above him on the wall look very much like the ones in Chauvet!

Yesterday we found it enigmatic and beautiful to see the amateurish film from/ about the elderly scientists exploring the cave, but we also wondered about all the strange avant guard and quite ‘squeaky”violin and cello music, that they used for the film and that none of them had any inkling about the shamanistic worldview of the people that painted these images. There also was a Reindeer fur clad guy, who plaid on a replica of the oldest Flute ever discovered.

And what did he play?

The Star spangled Banner  😦
With only o short shot and 1 sentence the Bear Skull Altar was mentioned in the film.

– and then back to religious music….

The scientists were all christians and to even talk about shamanism for them means risking their carrier and their reputation…..


Today in the 7 of Coins I am seeing a person that although lived 30 000 years ago, has much the same worldview as I do…. that is enigmatic. although back then people did not paint with a paint Brush like in the card image, he looks at me and I see eye to eye with him on many levels…. What would he think about my life here today?


So: How was my day after drawing this card?
20/ 20:
Well, no, I did not paint a cave today
A client of mine asked me to present a shamanic teaching circle about love using the Medicine Wheel as a paradigm – for her grandchildren. So I sequestered myself for a while into my Spirit Cave and planed that event. It will happen on Thursday at a Medicine Wheel I build with the family last year.
I will need a lot of loving patience when working with these precious young Souls.
The patience that is a virtue of the 7 of coins will help me…..

… and yes, the prehistoric man in the image would understand all about love and concern for children in the circle of the family….


here some infos about Chauvet Cave and the world’s oldest flute:

3 thoughts on “Into the Cave

  1. We saw this movie a few months ago. I enjoyed the photography, including the pictures of the area around the cave, but I didn’t care for the modern nationalism or the naive interpretations. They also didn’t mention that the Chauvet images are charcoal drawings, not paintings in iron and manganese oxides like Lascaux. Like the mineral pigments, the charcoal might have been mixed with animal fat, hide glue, or plant gum to make it stick to the wall better, but it’s still quite a different material!
    Most ancient bone flutes appear to have been rim-blown (notched at the top, like a shakuhachi, qena, or Anasazi flute”. They aren’t easy to play but the sound is shrill and haunting. I made one from a wild turkey bone that sounds good but with my limited lung capacity I have better luck with a larger one made from recycled copper pipe.

    I have a big gripe about depictions of cave painters and prehistoric artisans in general: Who decided that they all had to be MEN? Aarrgh!

  2. 🙂
    Maybe the men felt more of a need to enter the womb of the Mother and leave their mark ?
    and maybe one day we will find out, that only women were allowed to draw in in there. 🙂
    we too tried our hand at making bone flutes – we tried a Bear bone and a Heron leg bone, but I think, we did not get the blow hole quite right…..

  3. In the film there was a short mentioning about shamanism by Jean Clottes, this archaeologist is quite open to interpretations of petroglyphs/pictographs and prehistoric artefacts. I would like to know what Lewis-Williams (author of The Mind in the Cave and Inside the Neolithic Mind) would say about this film and how he would interpret Chauvet Cave.

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