It is September!

It is September!!!!!!!!
That means I am “coming up for air” and out of the Bearpaw Jewellery earring chaos of craft shows and markets, and my work with shamanic clients and students!!!!!

From mid June to mid September things here always race along with “whirrrrrlwind” speed and sadly, in order to keep up I have to temporary drop some of my hobbies, like this little blog here 😦 and sometimes even a few essential practices like daily meditations just to keep up.

And yes, using the word “NO” is also in my everyday as well as my spiritual vocabulary…:)

But I think, from now on I will manage to again write something here every week, about my shamanic practice, about working with students of shamanism and also about my explorations into the world of Divination, Tarot and otherwise.

For today just a few pictures from the summer past:

Craft shows:

Our boot at the well established, well run Muskoka Arts and Crafts show in Bracebridge:

3 days 30 000 visitors…..

Just before the show opens Bearpaw Jewellery is all set up just right 🙂

A VERY crazzzzy craft show on a barren rock in the middle of Georgian Bay. Bare necessities only, piled into a small rickety boat and set up in spite of gusty winds.

Bearpaw Jewellery is setting up on the Island

Peter is carrying our jewelry boxes across rickety planks up to the rocks

Visitors come by boat and buy everything that is not yet blown of the table…..

Bearpaw Jewellery trimmed of all nice extras on Whalen Islang

For this show we bring lots and lots of smaller pieces. Some displays are held down by rocks or they would fly away…

Contrast that one with the dreeeeeary droooopy endlessly long and boooooring Baysville show where advertising did not work, few people came by and the organizers also admitted commercial re-sellers, that undercut the crafters with cheap stuff imported from china…. 😦

I will spare you the picture with all of us artisans looking disappointed….

On the Pow Wow in Minjickaning:

Dancing in the heat 🙂

What regalia do you create for yourself, when your heritage is Celtic and Ojibway?

                                                                                          I LIKE this one!

The traditional Pow Wow in Midland had my friends and me dancing the Veterans Honor Dance for our family members.

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