Ghosts in Agony

The other deck new in the house, the Tarot of Ghosts and Spirits from Lisa Hunt is exactly the right thing for the spooooooky Halloween season – or so I thought….

Until I looked at it closer.

Sooooo many disembodied Spirits SCREAMING in anger, fear and agony. 😦

My very first layout with the cards – my “new deck interview” speaks to that.

Looking at these images I feel pain, oppression, despair and more fear and agony……

I am currently reading through the Lwb to learn a little more about just who these spirits are supposed to be. Yes, the stories are quite different, but so many of the images are all portraying the same sad subject all anew.

I do own 2 other of Lisa Hunt’s decks, The Animals Divine and the Fantastical Creatures and quite like her intricate artwork…

But will I read with this one – other than- yet again- sadness and pain or tragic loss?

My favorite card of the deck – No questions, it is thePage of Swords.

It is supposed to be a dark and scarrrrry black dog, but to me, the image shows a Wolf.

The swirrrls and spirals in the image remind me of the Celts.

So maybe this Wolf is one of the last of his kind, that walked the pathways of the British isles.

On his way into extinction?

……Also a sad story…..

3 thoughts on “Ghosts in Agony

  1. Hmmm… thanks for your opinion on this deck Mi-Shell.
    Have been thinking about ‘perhaps’ getting it ( I need a new deck like I need a hole in my head, lol, ) though that’s not the point… (I will continue to buy new decks from time to time, for no other reason that I like them & that I can, within monetary reasons that is)
    You are right (in my opinion) they do look like they are in agony or dispair.
    I am hard on cards … what is the cardstock like?
    I do like the artwork though it doesn’t hit home as a tarot deck I could work with, ie: including clients… it does look a bit depressing which is probably the … last… thing clients I read for come to feel like after the reading.
    At the moment I think it would be only end up as an unused dust gatherer.
    No disrespect to Lisa’s artwork or talent… though I don’t think this particular deck is for me… not just at the moment anyway.
    Maybe later on down the track I will see it in a different way.

    • Honestly, Jim, I do not feel, that this imagery is good for public readings for clients.
      Maybe on a Halloween party – sort of for fun…
      But that is not the way I read. I sit next to the sitter and we both look at the images and I describe what I see and feel it pertains to and often refer to the image to make a point or explain…. I do best with images that reflect my shamanic worldview.
      So no wonder, the Greenwood Tarot still is my most used deck for readings.

      Oh, yes, and since you asked, The card stock of the Ghosts and Spirits is durable and good…
      It will probably last as long as the Ghosts can last 😉

  2. Thanks Mi-Shell… your reply is much appreciated & respected.
    Halloween has not reached a commercial level in Australia… (only the $2 shops really seem to stock the items for sale with the ‘trick or treat” aspect of it, well in the area I live in that is really the only place I have seen them over the last couple of years)… we do get young kiddies coming to the door (not many) & always with their Mum or Dad ( I just typed dead instead of Dad 😉 not far away from them. I think I we get put on the ‘Don’t Go To’ address were we to flash tarot cards at them 😮
    Best Wishes to You & ‘All’ your Family …

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