The plight of the Deer Clan

Today a situation has come up, that yet again  puts a part of the previously posted journey “The Grievances of the Clan Guardians ” from September back into sharp focus:

Hunting season is upon us – and yet again the Grievances of the Deer Clan, so eloquently voiced, are laying before me in form of several garbage bags -dumped into the bushes- filled with ripped Deer hides, hoofs and tails and the Animal’s heads sadly looking at me out of broken eyes.

I am upset, finding these on she side of rarely traveled concession roads and – in the dump at the cross-roads. It is not the hunting – giving up their lives that I or the Clan Guardian of the Deer object to – it is the mindless, honor-less discarding of the hides and the“not honoring of the Spirit of the Animal” that is so very evident in this kind of sportsmanship. To me, this is yet another sad evidence of the Broken Hoop in modern society.

The situation is even sadder, because I know these Animals – personally.

The Dow and her now almost grown Fawn used to come out every evening to graze on the clearing besides the small road, where I found them – less than a kilometer away from our land.

Here they were- in better times full of precious Life

Yes, I meanwhile found the gentleman called D. 

He works for a wildlife butcher and would be sooooo very glad, if he could give away free into good hands a huuuuge amount of raw Deer hides to anyone who is willing to take one, tan it him/herself, bring it to a taxidermist to do the work ( cost about $ 250.00) – or at least put down Tobacco and Sage as gifts for the Spirits.

I have put aside money from the donations basket on our family altar ( where patients and clients put something for us to use) and I will tan and cure at least 2 hides.

Is there anyone here, who would join me and also take a hide?

Please contact me!

Thank you for listening.


8 thoughts on “The plight of the Deer Clan

  1. When I still owned my house, I refused to let ANYONE hunt on my property. I did this every year for 19 years. This is the first year I am not there. I lived in the middle of a very large overgrown county with people in PA . I even chased 2 hunters off once with my own weapon. Every year the deer flocked to my place. I was the only safe haven for them. Now that I lost my house I hope and pray that they are not sitting there waiting for me to protect them. The little new borns I used to watch from my kitchen windows eat the berries with mommies watching near by. I am so heart broken over this, I just cry as I am posting. Kathy

  2. The other option is to turn them into rawhide for drums! They would need scraping to remove the inner membrane, fat etc and the hair from the other side then stretching on a frame and drying. It’s not difficult work, just time consuming but the drums . . . . . how special are they? I wish I lived close to come help you with them.

  3. ((((Kathy!!))))) i feel with you!

    Millie, the trouble with these hides I found was, that they are too far gone, already green and stinky and the fur is loose…..
    But the ones D. has, would be fantastic for that work!
    I am currently contacting all kinds of people in order to fimd out, who is willing to take one of these hides.

  4. Mi-Shell, call us (you have our number) we will take raw deer hides…. as you well know of our work. Love and Blessing “we are feeling the sadness and other emotions relating to this subject everyyear as well”….

  5. I’ve been reading and learning about Deer hides. They have a hollow hair which breaks easily. If the hide is going to be hung on a wall or generally not really moved/used then the hair will stay on. However, if you want to use the hide to lay clients on, as a rug, clothing etc then the hair will come off quite quickly, leaving the skin looking rather mangy after a year or so. There are many, many different ways of turning it into either rawhide or buckskin which seem (by consensus of opinion by those who regularly tan hides) to be the preferred option for Deerskin.

    Today, as if by strange coincidence, I was left a fresh Deerskin by a local hunter who I got talking to a few weeks ago. No head or bones, just the skin. So it is going into the freezer for a few days to kill off any ticks then it will be de-haired and scraped, to be transformed into rawhide. When I am going to find the time to do this when it isn’t raining here I don’t know but somehow . . .

  6. Milliecrow! Good luck with the hide!
    So far, over the years I have not had the experience of Deer hides loosing their hair….
    I hope everyone gets them as well prepared as the ones I have.
    To use the hides for drum making also is a terrific solution.

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