A “visit” with Grandma Ulali

….Continued from the last post about the new little Ongon Spirit:

The blue colour is, what I said, thought or did, red however is, what the Spirits I saw, questioned and interacted with transmitted in pre-verbal “language” or in words, scenes / pictural transmissions.


It was late evening. I sat in my rocking chair and started rocking – No drum or anything needed – It was just time to “go”

I was at the Air Cave of Ulali Kirgaa’n A’wa. `

The little Spirit was dancing with a fur covered beater and a large Evenki-style drum.

What shall I do with him /her?”


Let her be! And let her serve you, not the other way around. This one is a Bitshhi’i Balder = minor minion, created by man for the trade, NOT a sacred Spirit of old.

She would like to be very important and and that you serve her. She is from the Denger Kög tradition(Blue Sky tradition)

Let your Ee’rens be in charge of her, to find out, if any new student has the Algyrey =Gift or the Grace of their Ancestors = is any good or if you are wasting your time and they do not have it, – just neeeeeeed……

Take her to the Ulug Chorum and let her dance there!”

The Ulug Chorum (That is one of the LARGE spoked Stone Wheels we have in Siberia)

It appeared large and in full Summer Sun with a steady stiff South-East Wind blowing. The little Bronze Spirit danced and plaid her drum.My new students were there, sitting at different cardinal points.

All my Eerens were sitting in the North in a row while the little Spirit danced around one specific student to find out …. = All that came out was a blue and brown Jesus Icon in a wooden frame.  It was thin as a shroud and tore easy, threads flowing away in the wind…..


Then Janet, a lady that as of late is studying with me came into focus: I watched, as the scene changed and I saw -(with guidance of Grand-awa Ulali) “Let her: A picture of a darkened room, windows covered and her, with all her paints and a canvas, that already had beige -brown and some russet red on it.. She wore ear-phones and the trance drum tape on, full kilter… She was supposed to paint like this, with the tape running… “

Then there was Jane, another one one of my new students: “– There she was, at the  living room table in my house, just looking at the Faerie deck, that I want to sell and all kinds of Fairies were falling out of her head into the deck and then ran through the room. … She took a dust broom  and swiped them all up and put them back into the box and put the box into her bag…… from where they all crawled back into her head….

NO problem there I guess.

Back at the Ulug Chorum.

Ulug Chorum = ritual circle3

All my Ee’rens were still watching….

The Spirit figurine still drummed and danced.

Should I use her as an Ongon ? For whom, for Umai Ee’ene?”

Would you want to stick such a vast Energy into a small static cold Bronze figurine???????”

Well – NO!!!!”

The 9 holed spoon I saw on that site from Nicholas BW came into my sight!

Should I get that! I love that!!!!”

What do you want with that? It is for a Dengeri. You are not Dengery, you are of the Kara Tschere’= Black Earth!

Take your blue scarf, that is all you need to honour the Sky Spirits.”

Then I asked about E. and the surgery and if it would go well.

The answers I got however are too private to put here, but a couple of weeks later they proved to be accurate.

Ongon Spirit from Mongolia

In the afternoon of December 24th I did a Tarot reading for a close friend. It was quite intense and insightful. After the reading concluded she showed me 2 small bronze statues she had gotten “from Nicholas”and told me to choose one for myself.

Ongon SpiritI was immediately attracted to the first one because it reminded me of all the untold stelae and statues guarding the Scythian Kurgans in my ancestral homeland, Tuva. Not only do we there have Spirits like this in stone, but also smaller, simpler ones made of wood, some for house altars, others to wear, many depicting the living Earth Mother. The way the figurine holds the hands folded over the navel area is very characteristic. The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, like a smiling Kong Fuzi or one of the early emperors, due to its serene facial expressions.


The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, due to its facial expressions.

Ongon -P







I thanked my friend and left my little treasure on the Tarot table in the treatment room.

We went for dinner to town and had a nice evening.

Then late at night I had a strange and very vivid dream:

The little Statue had come to life and was grabbing my ritual drum – the drum forthwith also became really small, so he/ she could play it. Then the Spirit danced around through the treatment room, over the Bear fur and the tables singing loudly and drumming up a storm. It had a rather raspy and hissing voice. Eventually he/she hopped into the mouth of the Bear and went singing and drumming all through his body and came out the “other end”

Waking up from that I was quite impressed!

What Spirit had come into my home?

I also had had the distinct feeling, during the dream, that this was not a strictly female spirit, but rather was 2 spirited.

Subsequently I send my friend a message asking her for more information about the little statue and where it was from.

To my surprise this is the answer to the riddle:

It is an Ongon Amulet from Mongolia and used by shamans to represent their spirit guides: It was acquired from the 3 Worlds site of Nicolas Breeze Wood.

Here is, what he published about it:


Origin: Mongolia, Northern China or Inner Mongolia
Age: unknown – but probably some significant age
Height: 50mm (2.0 inches) approx

Small standing bronze female ongon figure. An ongon is a house made of many different things and in many different forms, for a shamanic spirit to live in. Shamans and none shamans in Siberia have ongons, there will be ongons for the spirit of the house or the forest or the fields, often (but not always) in the form of a person.

Small bronze figures like this are called ‘buudaly,’ and are said to have fallen or been thrown down from the sky. Sometimes they are found in wild places and that is probably where the story of them having come from the sky originates.

Shamans use these small bronzes, especially the ones with suspension holes, to represent their spirit helpers or the ancestors. Often they tie them onto clothes or drums or other objects.

Tonight I will do a shamanic journey to my Ancestor Spirits to find out, if and how I should be working / interacting with this little Spirit Being.

Read the next post, 


to find out, how the story continues 🙂

Paper Paper everywhere:

Seasons Greetings

Well, it is X-Mas 🙂

all over the world and in the more affluent West under most all the Trees (that took 5 to 15 years to grow and will so soon be tossed out 😦 ) there are mountains – or at least a few – parcels.

All of them lovingly – or hecticly packed in cheerful colorful wrapping paper. And X- Mas eve – or morning all these papers will be eagerly ripped off to reveal the treasure below.

Do you remember WHY we wrap presents?

Not to hide them from view or to enhance a surprise… It was, in the beginning, to keep a precious item save on a journey undertaken in the old days on Horse back or carriage or on a boat, or just across the fields in inclement weather.

The wrapping also distinguished the fact, that the present was something special – a special gift and not just an ordinary item we would bring, in order to share. Presents were personal acknowledgments pointing to special relationships. And the wrapping then also became an expression of that.

The wrapping expressed the love and care one took with the gift. It was “wrapped in LOVE”

And so the wrapping, representing this love, was treated with the same care and respect as the present itself. The wrapping was kept in a save place to be re-used – again and again and in each turn it was seen to accumulate more and more love from all the people who so lovingly used it to wrap a gift.

In some families – like my husbands, there are still wrapping papers and silks like that, from his grandmother, paper with cute little Penguins and Bears from the time when he was an infant. They are creased and a little crumbly, sometimes get ironed out carefully, but they get used again and again and have Cris-crossed the globe many times: From the island of Sylt to Canada, from Canada to India, from India to Kampala in Uganda, from Uganda back to Sylt and from there to Canada or Berlin or Hamburg or to Skopie……. Did I mention that his family lives “all over”?

So, how about the paper YOUR presents are wrapped in?

Do they represent the love of generations?

Or does your family do the modern thing and uses the green alternative = beautiful fabric drawstring bags of printed cotton, brocade, velvet, silk, or the many that are knitted from re-used wool, or created from grandma’s old apron or grandpa’s first school trousers?

Or is it all cheap pseudo paper = meaning plastic foil?

Will it all be ripped of and tossed aside in a matter of minutes?

Or will this post inspire you to revive an old tradition by creating a new tradition in your circle of loved ones?

Blessings to you and all your gifts!

We have come a looooong way :)

August 16/ 17 1987

Do you remember, where you were on that auspicious date?

For me it is easy, we have diaries where, after a little digging, we can find out all kinds of details about our own past, that would normally silently slip between the cracks of time and memory. I remember August 16/17 1987 so well, without going into the boxes full of diaries, because we had heard about the apparent “harmonic convergence” and the coming of the new era of Aquarius on the radio in our little yellow VW bus in which we lived at that time.

on our way up to Wabush Labrador 1987

Yes, we were living on the road since May 1981– crisscrossing North America from Alaska to Guatemala,visiting all kinds of historic sites, National Parks, Nature preserves, festivals and noteworthy places in between. Every December we returned to Key West, Florida, where, on a campground we pitched large working tents and for 3 to 4 month, made jewelry which we sold every evening on Mallory Square at the legendary Sunset celebration. Funds accumulated there were stuck into the bank, where back then GICs fetched between 1o and 13% interest and leisurely lasted us for the remainder of the year.

We also picked the occasional flea market, when conveniently located on our route and sold treasures from quartz crystals collected in the Ozarks to Mexican handcrafts traded in remote villages.

So on August 16th we were in Newfoundland, at L’Anse aux Meadows, the  first viking settlement of the Vikings found in North America

The next day we traveled to another ancient site nearby Fleyr de Lys where the ancient Dorset People had cut large flat slices of soft soapstone out of a quarry to fashion their shallow blubber lamps.

Sopestone quarry of the Dorset People

It was there, where Peter picked up a few discarded pieces of soapstone and started to carve. Soon I recognized a little Bear. Peter had never done anything like this in his life and was surprised, how easy it felt and how much joy it gave him to discover this talent. In the late afternoon we started on the long drive back to Gander, where the next day, the weekly flea market was held. I drove, Peter kept carving.

Peter carves while I drive

We talked about settling in Canada. Should we choose the beautiful remote valleys of Northern British Columbia and eek out a living of the land? –

– Or was the bush in prosperous Ontario a smart home base with markets and arts and craft shows to choose from – in driving distance from a little log house?

For us, these days were fundamental turning points in our lives.

Not only did we give up our travelling live and apply for citizenship in the country of our choice, over the next 26 years we build our home and integrated ourselves into the community. Peter became a well respected artists with quite a following of collectors admiring his work.

I slowly and hesitantly picked up the Talking Stick and started teaching about shamanism and shamanic practices, the teachings received through my family heritage and wisdom received through journeys and working with patients, clients and our First Nations neighbors and friends.

Harmonic convergence?!


We sure have come a looooong way…… and more is to come. 🙂

We still have the little Bear – to guide us along the way….

Soapstone miniature Bear with cub and micro Bone Bear

miniature carving of Owl for my mother, who's Guide was "Kauze"         Kauze












More info on L’anse aux Meadows and Fleur de Lys:



The Deer as Medicine Animals/ Spirit Guide

The Deer is called Wa-wa-shkesh’-shi in Ojibway and A-tik in Cree .
The Deer is seen as having keen sense of smell, a pleasant scent, grace, swiftness,
using other methods than force to reach your goals .Albino doe with Fawn

 Deer is also associated with gentleness, caring love, sensitivity, graceful beauty, innocence and keen observation. Because of their well developed senses, it is said Deer can see through illusions and guide through chaotic situations. People with deer medicine can also learn to detect subtle movements, hear things unspoken and to use their intuition to avoid dangers.

In what is nowadays called the Celtic tradition the hunting of a Stag was symbolic for the pursuit of wisdom.
In Celtic mythology, the Deer is a magical creature, able to move between the worlds. In many tales humans are transformed into deer. For example, St. Patrick was said to have transformed himself and his companions into deer in order to escape a trap laid by a pagan king. In the Welsh tale of Culhwch and Olwen, the Stag is one of the oldest Animals in the world, along with the Blackbird, the Owl, the Eagle and the Salmon.
The antlers of the Stag are compared to Tree-branches and thus may represent fertility. Since they are shed and regrown every year, they may also symbolize rejuvenation and rebirth. Cernunnos, the Celtic Horned God, was depicted with the antlers of a Stag. He is said to be a god of fertility and plenty, and to be the Lord of the Beasts. According to some, his antlers symbolize a radiation of heavenly light. Images of Stags were supposedly used to symbolize Cernunnos in non-human form.
The hunting of a Hind was symbolic for the pursuit of sensuality and intuition, especially when done around full Moon. But this motive is also found in Greek mythology, where one of the tasks of Hercules is to capture the Hind of Mount Ceryneia. This Hind has golden “horns” and hooves of bronze and it took Hercules a full year to capture her alive. This he accomplished by shooting an arrow in the front legs, between bone and tendon, so that no blood was spilled.
Another Greek myth tells of how Actaeon followed a Stag during the hunt and came upon a valley where the goddess Artemis happened to be bathing. Artemis was furious when she discovered the mortal Actaeon watching her naked and turned him into a Stag. Then, she set his own Hounds upon him and they tore him apart.
Another tale recounts how Artemis killed two giants who had tried to violate her. She turned herself into a white Hind and walked between the giants; when they tried to strike her with their javelins, they killed each other instead.
To the Pawnee, the Deer is a guide to the light of the Sun.

The Panche Indians of Colombia believe that human souls pass into the bodies of Deer after death and therefore eating the flesh of Deer was forbidden to them. In ancient Mexico, Deer were sometimes depicted carrying the Sun.
In Cambodia and ancient China the Stag was also associated with the Sun, though in a negative way, since was thought to bring drought. The Chinese god of Salaries, Lu-shing, was often depicted riding on a Deer. In China the Deer still symbolizes immortality and nobility.
Ancient Norse mythology tells how 4 Stags browse the foliage of the World-Tree Yggdrasil, in this manner eating away the buds (hours), blossoms (days) and branches (seasons).

Marija Gimbutas tells us, that the Deer is the primeval Mother in pre -Christian time in Europe.
Even up to this century in northern Asia a pregnant Deer is the symbol of Mother the Life-Giver.
This is also the reason, why Reindeer are so highly revered in pre-Christian Europe: Here you have a female Deer that has antlers which are synonymous with the branches of the Tree of Life! So the Live Giving Mother Creature carries the Tree of Life!!
Saulee, the Slavic Goddess of light and family went across the heavens in a sleigh pulled by female Reindeer and she threw pebbles of Amber into the chimneys of the people. Amber being the representative of the tears of the sun. Now guess what: This happened on the Winter Solstice!!! Thousands of years before Christianity!
And nowadays Saulee is replaced by a jolly old guy in a red and black smith’s uniform and a bunch of male Reindeer…. Oh and by the way:the black, silver and gold colors of the traditional garb of the smith and smith craft – which stands for the transformation of metal into liquid and into another shape – was and still is synonymous with the power of the shaman in Northern Europe, the Baltics, Russia and Siberia.

Our Maral in the Altai is a subspecies of Cervus canadensis (named “Elk” or “Wapiti” in North America) found in the forest hills of SouthernSiberia, NorthwesternMongolia, and Northern China. It is sometimes referred to as “Siberian Elk”, but this is misleading, as in Eurasia the name “Elk” is mostly used for Alces alces (known as “Moose” in America)

The word for a Maral doe in Uryanchai is Ulug khülbüs = Mighty Deer Spirit

Maral Stag

It is this Maral that is/ was depicted again and again in Scythian art, on tapestries, as sculptures, as gold ornaments and as tattoos. Spectacular finds have been unearthed when the Scythian burial mounds = kurgans were excavated. Somehow, from the time when I was little and listened to my father’s stories of the mighty warrior lords of the Eastern plains and their gold laden graves.(First systematic excarvations of kurgans took place in the 1920ties )

Scythian gold Deer

From his tales I always has the impression, that the Scythians were ‘our neighbors to the west… Somehow, I still can not quite shake that deeply ingrained idea.

I also remember well, how exited my father was, when news spread about finds at the outskirts of Gorno Ataysk in 1961 and proved, that people had lived there during the time of the Mammoth hunters.

I wanted to write extensively about the beautiful Deer tapestries and the gold finds, flying, running and kneeling Deer , often female with huuuuuge flowing antlers that carried Yölle, the Sun through the night…..

Before doing so however, I checked the net to see, what is already there and found a flood of websites and magnificently written blogs about this subject soooo dear to my heart.

I feel, I just can not compete- or do a better job in telling the tale; so,here are my favorite sites:


Stone Shamans and Flying Deer of Northern Mongolia: Deer