We have come a looooong way :)

August 16/ 17 1987

Do you remember, where you were on that auspicious date?

For me it is easy, we have diaries where, after a little digging, we can find out all kinds of details about our own past, that would normally silently slip between the cracks of time and memory. I remember August 16/17 1987 so well, without going into the boxes full of diaries, because we had heard about the apparent “harmonic convergence” and the coming of the new era of Aquarius on the radio in our little yellow VW bus in which we lived at that time.

on our way up to Wabush Labrador 1987

Yes, we were living on the road since May 1981– crisscrossing North America from Alaska to Guatemala,visiting all kinds of historic sites, National Parks, Nature preserves, festivals and noteworthy places in between. Every December we returned to Key West, Florida, where, on a campground we pitched large working tents and for 3 to 4 month, made jewelry which we sold every evening on Mallory Square at the legendary Sunset celebration. Funds accumulated there were stuck into the bank, where back then GICs fetched between 1o and 13% interest and leisurely lasted us for the remainder of the year.

We also picked the occasional flea market, when conveniently located on our route and sold treasures from quartz crystals collected in the Ozarks to Mexican handcrafts traded in remote villages.

So on August 16th we were in Newfoundland, at L’Anse aux Meadows, the  first viking settlement of the Vikings found in North America

The next day we traveled to another ancient site nearby Fleyr de Lys where the ancient Dorset People had cut large flat slices of soft soapstone out of a quarry to fashion their shallow blubber lamps.

Sopestone quarry of the Dorset People

It was there, where Peter picked up a few discarded pieces of soapstone and started to carve. Soon I recognized a little Bear. Peter had never done anything like this in his life and was surprised, how easy it felt and how much joy it gave him to discover this talent. In the late afternoon we started on the long drive back to Gander, where the next day, the weekly flea market was held. I drove, Peter kept carving.

Peter carves while I drive

We talked about settling in Canada. Should we choose the beautiful remote valleys of Northern British Columbia and eek out a living of the land? –

– Or was the bush in prosperous Ontario a smart home base with markets and arts and craft shows to choose from – in driving distance from a little log house?

For us, these days were fundamental turning points in our lives.

Not only did we give up our travelling live and apply for citizenship in the country of our choice, over the next 26 years we build our home and integrated ourselves into the community. Peter became a well respected artists with quite a following of collectors admiring his work.

I slowly and hesitantly picked up the Talking Stick and started teaching about shamanism and shamanic practices, the teachings received through my family heritage and wisdom received through journeys and working with patients, clients and our First Nations neighbors and friends.

Harmonic convergence?!


We sure have come a looooong way…… and more is to come. 🙂

We still have the little Bear – to guide us along the way….

Soapstone miniature Bear with cub and micro Bone Bear

miniature carving of Owl for my mother, who's Guide was "Kauze"         Kauze












More info on L’anse aux Meadows and Fleur de Lys:




One thought on “We have come a looooong way :)

  1. What an interesting story, & it is so cool that you still have the little soapstone bear. So cool that you kept a written diary (to me anyway) It was due to a little old diary too that I can remember some of where I was or what I was doing at that time…our son ws born on the 16th July 1987 & was only one month old. We had started to keep a diary about those early months of his life, just simple stuff as happy new parents. Still have that little diary which is full of words of love & awe for him…he has never seen it. I wonder if now I should show it to him?

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