Toooo tired to journey :(

Toooo tired to journey 😦

It was late in the evening. Normally for me, that is a good time to go on a shamanic journey. I just sit and drum and ……

No problem…. 🙂


But it had been a crazzzzy day with a pile of complicated interlocking problems to solve and I was tiered. VERY tiered. But I had promised M. that I would undertake a journey on her behalf to find out about a problem she was dealing with.

So I sat down on my Reindeer fur anyway and started to drum. Very soon there was lira leading me to a wide summer meadow- a fenced cow pasture at the edge of a wooded lot. Kids were coming from ?? school?? 2 girls, sisters in the foreground. Wearing light coloured summer dresses they were taking “a short cut home”

all of a sudden and to my extreme consternation my toothbrush appeared in giant size in the visionary field. What the XP&@79|***!!!!

Where were the girls?

Oh! OK! There they were, just walking across that meadow….coming closer to … there was the damn toothbrush again!!

What is up with that? I ….

I saw myself in our bathroom, standing at the sink, holding my tooth brush – ready to brush my teeth – (the last thing I usually do, often with eyes closed already – before crawling into bed… )

So there I was, – sooooo tiered and uncoordinated, the toothbrush fell out of my hand and into the toilet bowl.. I was aghast! I fished it out of there…. Why is the lid open anyway? Lira swooped in, landed on the dresser drawer, looked at me and said. Mi-Shell, go to bed, you ‘ve had it!”

She rarely calls me by my name!!!

Was I journeying, dreaming – was this happening – or -??

Maybe I was sitting on my Reindeer fur and –

Yes, that was it…

I remember !

I stopped drumming went downstairs – looooooked at my toothbrush a loooooong time before using it – and after- crawled into bed…. toothbrush

Next morning journeying was easy and I had a good result and when I wrote the client, what I had seen and found out, she was amazed that I saw an Ancestor known to her, one of her Animal Guides and …..

.well, it is confidential…. 🙂

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