Mallard Wing smudging fans

This Bird was killed on the road to Gravenhurst and the wings were brought to me by a student.I managed to save one complete wing and the tip part of the second wing and create 2 smudging fans.

In Siberia the Mallard traverses all 4 realms – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – when cooked for dinner.

For the Finno – Ugric People a creation legend speaks of First Woman floating in the Waters of Creation, heavily pregnant with the shaman Väinämöinie, when a Duck started laying eggs on her knee. One of them fell into the water and out of the upper half the Sky was created, the lower half became the land, the yolk formed into the Sun and the egg white became the clouds. Now, that this happened, First Woman was ready to give Birth to her powerful son….

DSCN0788Materials used:

Mallard wing

Moose hide – moose is a powerful provider of sustenance for the Canadian

First Nations People as well as for the original People of Finnland and Siberia.

Many rock carvings and ochre drawings attest to that.

recycled black leather,-

Fox Fur – recycled – Wagish, the Fox is smart, silent and a good provider and always

has a smile on his face. He sees everything and chooses, when to be seen. In Siberia we see Ee’ren Dilgiczek as a protector from unwanted energies

Mother Earth the Turtle =hand carved bone with beads

hand carved bone Bear = healing with herbs, herbal Medicine

Quartz crystal from Thunder Mountain in Arkansas

Wood, pottery and fashion seed beads,

Turquoise = healing gem of the Apache and Navaho People,prevention of injuries and harm


Gichi Manitou = Great Spirit, universal Life Energy, great Mystery

Spirit Boat = vision Quest = a Medicine journey into the wisdom of

Earth Mother to find healing or a cure -Peterborough Petroglyph Provincial Park

Lightning bolt = Power

Spiral of Life

Other Feathers:


the second Mallard wing fan




Spruce grouse



3 thoughts on “Mallard Wing smudging fans

  1. I love how you honour life, though this comment from you above,did bring a smile to my face:
    “In Siberia the Mallard traverses all 4 realms – Earth, Air, Water and Fire – when cooked for dinner.”

    No offence mean’t 🙂

    • Hi Janet! Are you sure!?? 🙂
      It is just a much smaller fan = 36 cm from wing tip to Rabbit hair fluff on bottom of handle. – and then the tail feathers…. It could be $ 85.00 for you.
      It is a good travelling fan….
      The other larger one with the crystal is 56 cm from wing tip to handle fluff and then the “tail feathers and adoption fee for that one would have to be $ 130, like all the large ones I make….
      Later in the year – when curing is finished I will also have a LAAAARGE Turkey wing and – hopefully a Heron and maybe anothr smaller hawk – sharp shinned – brownish feathers…..
      Let me know…

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