Watching me?

Yesterday late evening, 11.00 pm.

I am sitting in the living room, reading National Geographic Magazine.

Out on the deck there is a soft noise.

I look up, expecting to see one of our nursing Raccoon mothers to have limbed up, to beg for a treat of Cat kibbles or Sunflower seeds.



raised up to full 2.5 meter size,

HUUUUUUGE paws touching the glass

 is our large male Bear!

About a meter away from me and looking down on me with curious eyes, as if to say:

” What are you doing?????”

I get up, move to the Glass, our paws/ hands are touching the glass on opposite sides.

Just for a second.


I call out to Peter:

“Peter!! The Petze is here!”

Petze is having none of that.

Visiting time is over.

With hardly a sound he goes down on all 4 , wields around the deck furniture and jumps down – 2 meters to the grass below.

A second later the black night swallowed him.

This morning however we find out, he  swallowed all the sweet juice out of both Hummingbird feeders.


Bear paw on window

fresh paw print on sliding door downstairs!!


7 thoughts on “Watching me?

  1. Peter just gave me a picture of the paw print he found on the sliding door downstairs = in his workshop, so I will edit it into the post above 🙂

  2. How blessed you are Our gift this summer was one supper time looking out the window and seeing a male cardinal get sunflower seeds one by one and feed them to an young one that sat on the bar across the top of the feeders


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