… Just some pictures…

It is “crunch time” for us – like every year at this time. We have several large craft shows coming upand so are busy with making jewellery like crazzzzzy.

I have a lot of clients coming to the house, looking for help or input… It is summer, they have time, they want me to drum with their kids, introduce me to their friend, who could do with some advice…….

Sometimes I do not even get out of the house. 😦

Yesterday evening, I suggested to – just go for a little walk… I needed that.

Peter took his camera and managed to get some nice shots of our resident Cormorant_DSC2501

– and a some Cedar Waxwings



Cedar WaxwingsSurprisingly, they let us come quite close ~~6 feet

from the small Pine, that seems to be their preferred lookout.

I am always so very thankful, when after such a busy day I see some of my wild Brothers and Sisters 🙂

3 thoughts on “… Just some pictures…

  1. magnificent photos of the Cedar waxwings.. how elegant they are .. I had 3 black masked ones too visiting at dusk yesterday, curious, dexterous, yes a trio of wee raccoons along with their mother searching for an evening snack!

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