Fox Medicine Pouch

Well, Nepal will have to wait a little,  here is the large Fox Medicine Pouch I created for the Full Moon just past:

It is Deer leather and Fox fur


Fox pouch

Read more about Fox medicine in this post:

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Temples and Teachings:

Well, since that fateful flier evening the plans for the Nepal trip have solidified and now preparations are in full swing:

Our benevolent friend P. decided, that Peter’s and my idea, to visit Chitwan National Park and go on a Rhino and Tiger safari – on Elephant backs, is just splendid and so the trip will commence as follows:

We will fly from New York to London, England, stay over night in the Hotel Dorchester

in the evening however, we will go out to see a Shakespeare play: “Much ado about nothing” with- among others, Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones

Next day it goes via Virgin Air to Delhi and on to Kathmandu.

We will stay over night in the Dwarikas heritage Hotel


Next morning (early) take a private sightseeing flight to Mt Everest and then on to Chitwan National Park. There we will be at the Tigerland Safari resort for our jungle excursions on Elephant backs, hopefully seeing Rhinos, maaaany Birds and maybe ifffff lucky, a Tiger.

In the evening we will have to bath = swim with the Elephants, before being allowed for dinner….;)


Next will be the road trip back over the foothills of the Himalayas to Kathmandu and checking in at Vajra Hotel, where for the next 10 days local shaman and teacher Bhola Banstola will give teachings and….

…..see itinerary:

This is the schedule I have so far from Evelyn Rysdic, the state-side tour organizer of the shamanic teaching workshops:

Daily Breakfast at 8!

Classes and traveling start at different times each day. Bhola will give notice ahead for each day.Bhola

Daily travel times differ based on availability of the other shamans. All we can know for sure is:

• Arrival in Kathmandu and check in hotel Vajra, dinner and overnight

• After breakfast visit the statue of Lord Vishnu reclining in the cosmic ocean. 

From 10:30 AM to 6:00PM shamanic classes with Bhola

with a lunch break.  Overnight in hotel

• All morning shamanic classes with Bhola, lunch and afternoon visit Kathmandu Durbar Square (Temples, monuments dedicated to different divinities. 

Dinner and overnight.

• All morning classes with Bhola.

After lunch drive to Patan, visit the historical and religious monuments and continue to Bhaktapur.7148505-bhaktapur-nepal--september-24-2008-woman-arranging-pots-outside-a-pottery-shop-in-the-ancient-town-o

• After breakfast visit the healing and get individual healings and shamanic consultations.

Visit Bhaktapur in the afternoon.

• Visit the healer in the morning and drive to Changunarayan temple on the hilltop.

Back to Bhaktapur and preparation for next day’s trip to Pokhara.

• Fly to PokharaOvernight in hotel Temple Tree

pokara  After breakfast drive to the Tibetan Refugee Camp to participate in the shamanic rituals and healings.

Back to the hotel and in the afternoon visit the temple at the centre of the Fewa Lake by boat.

Overnight in the hotel.

• After breakfast dive to the refugee camp for consultations and healing sessions. 

In the afternoon visit the stupa of peace on the mountain top or free time to walk by the lakeside. 

Overnight in hotel.

• After breakfast by private vehicle drive back to Kathmandu.

Dinner and overnight in the hotel Vajra.

• After breakfast drive to the temple of Pashupatinath (Lord of Animals) by sacred Bagmati river, the guardian deity of Nepal.


 It is also a place of cremations.

. Visit the Nepalese lady shaman Aama Bombo at her home.  

. Drive to Boudhanath Stupa, one of the biggest of its type in the world. Lunch under the       benevolent eyes of Buddha and visit the stupa and monasteries. 

This area is also called the  ‘Little Tibet’.  

Back to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

• After breakfast drive to the airport for onward journeys.

Sadly we will have to fly home, as we as well as our friend P. have appointments that an not be moved.

Peter and me would have loooooved to stay for another week – go on a birding tour, visit the Rimpoche of one of my students and just – be…..

We will return to London, stay at the hotel Mandarin Oriental

and then fly back to Toronto, Canada the next day.

Until our departure, there is just a little over a month and we are knee deep in preparations 🙂

and vaccinations 😦

A busy summer :)

At this time of year our summer season with busy markets and art and craft shows is still in full swing. On top of that I am kept busy with students, bringing teachings into resorts and health care facilities and with patients coming to the house.

This is the problem with writing a blog about working as a shaman. Most of the “more interesting” things are strictly confidential. I can not write about the consultations with patients, about individual cases and problems or private hours with students.

Oftentimes, when I bring drums and teachings into groups and healing and recovery centres, I – and the students, that accompany me have to sign strict confidentiality agreements and especially taking pictures is prohibited.

At the same time however, it just may happen, that the caretakers themselves are videotaping the sessions and circle activities.

Sometimes that makes me wonder, what will they use these videos for?

Will they try to replicate my teachings?

Are they becoming part of the public domain?

Are they on U-tube somewhere??


Here a few pictures, that recently were put into one of the many public networking sites and so are OK to re-post here.

Thank you to the very talented photographer ♥selling my large Siberian medicine Pouch

Here I am on the annual Baysville Craft show, showing of my large Siberian medicine Pouch.

It worked! 🙂

I sold it! Yaaaaayyy!!!

Drums for recovery

Drums for Recovery

grandmother Drum at pickerel Lake

Buffalo Medicine Teaching Blanket

Buffalo Teaching Blanket

Bear Medicine Teachings

Bear of the west 2

Invitation to the Trip of a Lifetime! :)

It is now – what – 3 ½ years ago, that P. came to me as a client. She was” battling”a lot of “issues” and over the years we worked on many of them. Some got solved, some changed….

Today, she is quite healthy and is enjoying life to the fullest.

Over these years our relationship changed from shaman- client to becoming friends.I still do “work” for her and her family, but we also often “hang out” and have fun.

P. now also follows shamanism focusing on her Ancestors and also totally turned her life around and adopted a new, more spiritual lifestyle.

She travels a lot = a LOT!!!!!                                                      To Egypt and down the Nile in a boat and see all the pyramids – with Nicky Skully –and the creator of the Anubis oracle cards…To Dubay to the Medan races, where the family’s horse was invited by the Sheik, – and won nothing of the 12 million $ prize…

she also loves to visit other well known shamanic teachers and take their seminars, then shares what the experience gifted her. 🙂

So back in late January she had just returned from a short trip – I forgot to where and we were at her house for dinner.  While the servants were bringing in a delicious desert of exotic fruit dipped in chocolate, P. causally mentioned, that she wants to go to Nepal:

A shamanic practitioner from Maine is organizing a 10 day tour to Nepal, visiting the sites, working with the shamanic teachers Bhola Banstola, Aama Bombo and several others.

She showed us the advertisement for this workshop.

It is in October,” she said.You guys are done with all your shows by then, right??”

Yes”, Peter said – “for about a month – until…”

Good,” P. said, “Because you are going too”

 We were speechless!!!!!bugeyed

Yes, she said, “We are all going to do this” – pointing at the flier, “and Sam wants to fly around Mount Everest!

And pointing at me: ”And you and Peter can pick another little adventure, for a few days, what you would like to do”  My fork dropped to the floor and for the rest o the evening I starred at the flier before me and – stared some more, while Sam and P. discussed the idea of going to see the Dalai Lama on the same trip – or maybe later or… …..??!!??

Peter said nothing.

I had hawked that flier in such a way, that P.’s PA = personal assistant was to print me my very own copy to take home….

I was speechless, and stayed so ! 🙂


At some point, a few months ago I must have mentioned, that I have not had a holiday in years. The last time I went “away” was when my sister died and I had to take care of her estate – back in 2009 – But that was a rather sad affair, not a vacation.

So P. decided, that I should have a little vacation and some fun!

I am flabbbbbberghastered, but ready!


Here we come!