I am going back …..

One of my beloved students is not feeling well…

I am worrrrried!

She lives far away,

…too far to rush to her side…..

To hold the worries at bay

I am singing healing chants

throughout the night…

Lakota echinacea chant

I am going back where I am from
to find a healing medicine
I am riding on my horse, the drum
to find a sacred healing dream………

There’s a wild melody
among a million harmonies
There’s a note for everyone…………
That’s their big medicine!


I am bringing you your sacred song
from the place we all are from.
And you’ll be well if you will sing
your song of sacred medicine………….


journey back

bear paw chant png file

12 thoughts on “I am going back …..

  1. Best of luck to you and your friend. I hope all turns out well. I am going to see a long lost friend as well, The love of my life. Hope it turns out great for both of us

    • Hi Millie! The one is a Bear healing with Echinacea chant from the Yuwipi ceremony, the other one is the text “my Paw is sacred, also Lakota.
      sometimes i sing the same text in Inde’, but for this lady student this is better, because she KNOWS these chants…..

  2. Mi-shell, I hope your friend is soon feeling 100%. What a lovely friend you are to have, to think of her, to sing this song for her. That in itself will be medicine for her. I’ll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    (((Mi-Shell and her friend)))

    • Oh Nancy; thank you soooo much!
      Yes, I am still drumming for her. I am just now making a new drum and she is the first one i am using it for, even now, when I have not quite finished painting it…..

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