Sitting at Toronto airport!

Yes, that’s right!

We were supposed to fly out from here to New York, JFK, but there is a nasty storm brewing and one flight after the other was first delayed and then canceled  😦

So our friend P. decided, that it is a pro-active idea to change travel plans and book us all directly from Toronto to London on British Airways. Now I am sitting in the first class lounge of BA waiting for our 9 45 flight to get ready.   nice view from here : the heavy clouds, pierced by the evening  sun, the planes taxying to the runway…. 

Funny was, going through the BA security check again and they had NO idea, what a strange little metal thing I had hidden in a wooden tube, again and again they send it through the X-ray… Then I pulle it out , took it apart and played it for them: My little Dan Moy mouth organ, playing and dancing a jig for them, telling then it is an instrument with which I can call my ancestors!

they had never heard or seen a shaman and so I showed them my Toli, that is in the same little Medicine Pouch with Wolf fur…. they llaught and winked me through 🙂

So now I am curious, what will happen at the check in in London….

Wish us all a good flight!



4 thoughts on “Sitting at Toronto airport!

  1. what a fun story! it sounds that you will make many friends on your travels! blessings all along the way!

  2. Have been enjoying reading about this wonderful adventure you are now embarking on….many blessings for a magical trip!

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