Let there be teachers!

We arrive in the roof top meditation room of the Varja Hotel.
There Bhola had created a BEAUTIFUL ritual room with a central altar, a place, where he as our teacher had his personal altar with drums and his shaman outfit and an personal altar space for each of us in a wide circle around the centre.
This is, where we will learn and do work for the next few days.

Our ritual circle

Late in the evening, I went up with my rattle to the roof top garden outside the ritual room and sang and prayed. I called my Miahanits – (also sometimes referred to as “the gang” of Animal Guides), my Ancestor Guardians and the Spirits of Place, of here, of Nepal, of the Varya and the mighty Swayambhunat stupa right across from us on the next hill, shimmering in the soft light. I prayed, to be accepted by the Spirits of this land, as a guest and a seeker, that brings only admiration and respect. I humbly requested, that my Miahanits and my Ancestor Guardians be permitted to come here, to come through and to help me learn. I humbly asked for one of the Spirits of this land to come forth as my guide and teacher…….
I prayed, I rattled and I chanted…..


Next morning he first subject of Bhola’s teaching circle is to learn about Dashain, the festival that is right now being celebrated all throughout Nepal.


Today is the day, where everyone returns home to receive a tika and a Blessing from the parents and family elders.
We light the oil lamps of our altars, then all receive a Blessing from Bhola, a tika out of red coloured yoghurt and Barley grain and we each get a few Barley seedlings for our personal Altar.
Then Bhola reads sacred text from the Vedas.
The book he reads from is from his grandfather, who also was a shaman…..
It all was VERY beautiful.

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