A new drum:

With the Rattle conundrum being solved we turned our attention to a drum. For me it was pretty clear right away, that I would love to get a :real: Nepali shaman’s drum, Nepali shaman's drumthe likes of which Bhola and Aama Bombo are using. E- mailing Evelyn,our tour organizer, about it, I was assured, that Bhola always has a few hand made drums for sale and that it would not be a problem getting one:)

But then, we also wanted to take another drum along – for Peter to use and just in case…. i normally drum over patients and then start to see”in the reverberations of the sound and the colours where the problem is located and what it “feels like”…

Now, I can do just that with quite a few of my own drums, have – at times, when no drum was available, also used a plastic waste paper basket ….But I also have encountered – and own quite a few drums, where that is not possible. Some drums just do not “resonate right” and, as you can imagine, all double-sided drums are among this group. Now, Nepali drums are double -sided!

So, not so good for diagnosing… for me that is….

Well, I can use the Rattle for diagnosing….

She works like a charm! Tried it,  🙂

But as in all shamanic seminars people often just drum…. So we decided, to take one travelling drum along…

But which one????

I wrote in the previous post about the humidity and – the sheer trouble of stuffing a drum into a piece of luggage along with wet wipes, water purifying solution, electric adaptors, diarrhoea and dehydration medicines and whatever else was on the list of things to bring…..remo drum

We decided on something cheap, that is made from man made materials, will take any kind of abuse and not bend out of shape or break / split its head.

A mid sized Remo “Buffalo drum”

There is nothing Buffalo in or on it, other than the name for marketing reasons…. It is all synthetic – The shamanic translation for synthetic is ancient oooooold plant material that liquefied into oil and then…….. finish the sentence however you like ……

The contraption was $ 55.00 … and yeah!? ….Not impressive….

Not very “alive” either.

It sounded – well – not like we are used to. All my working drums are quite large and have a low resonant tone. This drum has not much resonance compared to them.

So we put it aside and Peter, who first wanted to paint it and make it his – eventually just frowned and …. it collected dust….

Now however, it is crunch time and Peter had to work on one more huuuuuge jewellery order to be send into the US and said, I should just paint the thing any way I wanted… He was just not “into it”

So I went on a shamanic journey and asked for instructions.

The very first thing I was told was, that it needed a Deer Antler handle in the shape of a trine! And it was supposed to receive sky blue silk for the Tengeri of Siberia!.

OK! that is doable.

Then what?

Another journey revealed, that I was to paint it with petroglyph and pictograph designs – just like my main Ritual Drum, so the Spirits of the Land, that is always work with, are there as well.

Then, into the inside I was to draw my Ancestor Spirits and representations of a few of my Animal Guides, the Tuvan Sun Spirits I always “see” and my Clan Guardian from my Ada’s clan. It also was to receive “Sky Snakes” in the form of silk threads/ribbons of all different shades of blue into which I am to tie beads, one new bead for each experience I will make on this trip and then, later on while using this drum…..

With time in short supply I went to work.

2 days later I was yet again surprised at the outcome:Drum front side

The drum has a lot of Wolf fur in which a small Serpentine Bear with Turquoise eyes is hidden, a large Owl that was a gift from a friend, the slightly sour and disconcerting face of Ee’ren Omsür in Abalone shell and the requested Sky blue silk Spirits that, on the one hand represent a waterfall I saw during the first journey. Drum back

All the silk Snakes,that I was told, have significance for the Spirits of Place in the Himalayas, looked a little too untidy and crazzzzy, so I braided them into 3 braids. For now I wove several beads into that braid. One for the incredible invitation to even GO on this trip, one for the visions received as to how to proceed with this drum, one for all the things I have since learned about Nepal, its people and the way they worship as well as the way in which all the world religions there weave into each other…….

The BIG surprise however came, when I held the drum up into the light and realized, that all the Medicine Drawings are shimmering through the drum head and the ones drawn into the back side appear like Spirits on the front side and vice versa!

How appropriate!

all the Spirits are there

This drum sounds best with a very soft beater and so I made one with Rabbit fur, to feed Wolf and Owl and added a little bone Bear….

For now there are just 2 small feathers….

I will have to find feathers for it during the trip!

I will spend every minute we are in Chitwan National Park looooooking!

A new Rattle for me!

For our shamanic work in Nepal we have been asked to bring along a drum and or a rattle.

So a few months ago I was oohing and awing over my drums and rattles trying to decide, which one to take, or ifff it makes sense at all, to take one of my trusted instruments at all. All my drums are clad in Animal skin, Goat, Buffalo or Deer and so are subject to the ever changing humidity we would encounter in England and Nepal…….

But a rattle, a rattle would be fine and easy to take! 🙂

But which one????

Surely my Deer dew claw healing Rattle!  -That one would be just the right Medicine Tool to take! But what ifff something happened to it? Luggage gets lost… And that Rattle would raise red flags at every airport security check, Animal parts are “problematic” to import into the US, from where we fly to England and even more problematic in England. I could not bear to loose it! ….

For sure I would have to take of its large Owl feathers and the other feathers it carries and – well, that is, where part of the Power of this Medicine Tool is embedded.

My Medicine Tools are living entities and it would feel, as ifff I was asked by someone, to take off my nice and appropriate cloths and wear nothing – or an unsuitable substitute…… My fundamental conviction that “Everything is alive, has a Spirit and thereby speaks”….. can sometime complicate things 😉

Or my large Gourd Rattle which I use to drive out unhelpful energies would be a second choice. But, iffffff ever it falls onto hard ground, Gourds can crack. I had that happen and lost a beloved working rattle…..

Then just take one from my pile of countless drum circle rattles!

Yes, OK , what a good idea!

Maybe dress it up, just a little, make a travelling rattle, just for this trip and leave my trusted working buddies at home!

This here Gourd and this here stick, they “feel just right. This time boil the gourd, to cure and harden the shell…..Now how about some Wolf fur …..?

Yeah, well, when I get going, dressing something up a “little”, well, I get going and one thing leads to another…. and then Spirit takes over and all of a sudden i HAVE to ger some of that Bear fur and the little bone Eagle and Spirit demands via a waking vision crashing into my consciousness, that this and that is suposed to go here and there and yes, I am supposed to put  bells on it, (no whistles, luckily, but yes, feathers too…….

And then, 4 hours later fingers full of glue, fur in my hair, I loooooook at the crazzzzzy item in my hands – and 😦 do not like it! Not at all!!! What the heck is THAAAAT?

Spirit however is not finished with instructions:” Put the Owl feather tip on it!!!”


Ok, Ok, That is the tip of a previously broken large primary of a Grey Owl, that along with a complete wing I received as a gift from our Sachem of the Wolf Clan of our Longhouse.

I go upstairs and get out my Owl feather box, retrieve the requested feather and put it into position at the top of the rattle.

My hands start shaking. EVERYTHING shifts,My Soul breaks through a membraneous barrier and tears well up in my eyes. .

My Rattle! This is my Rattle!

I loooove it, it is absolutely RIGHT!

Putting on this feather changed EVERYTHING!

It was the shift, when the power came into the medicine Piece!

Never had I experienced this transition so viscerally.

I sense, it catapulted this brand new Rattle waaaay past any allegiances I ever had with / to any other Rattle to the NO 1 Rattle in my ?? life??? work???  In my Soul!

I am flabbergasted flummoxed and deliriously happy!

The rest of the day I walk around the house in a daze, holding my new Rattle close to my heart.

But now what?

Taking it to Nepal?

I was led to create/ give tangible existence to it in preparation for this trip, so I will just pack it well and trust the Spirits, that guide me!

Hawk and Fox and moreBear claw and Bear fur