Our personal Altars:

_DSC5192 (712 x 1072)

Bhola leads us in exploring all the different pieces on our personal Altars:

Below it all is a white cloth, for the male energy and a red cloth for female energy.

Upon that is a plate woven from fresh leaves. It contains some rice and flower petals, all symbols of Earth-Mother

In its middle is a clay dish with oil and a cotton wick

When we are working, we light the flame . It stands for the Fire element.

Then there is a simple clay vase filled with Water for the Water element.

It contains 2 things; a Peacock feather, symbol for the Air element

and a yet to be woven “Spirit Umbrella” for the Aether Element.

Also there is a simple broom, decorated with red and white cloth and an “all seeing Peacock feather” for physical and spiritual cleansing.

Then each of us has a small silken pouch containing rice for giving offerings, a crystal for crystal vision and an Amonite for our connection to our Ancestors.

We also received a small mala and a linen shouder bag, which will later on hold all these items


Of course everyone of us has their personal Shamanic items set out as well.

Above you see Peter’s small Medicine Pouch.

We also have brought our new all weather drum, my Rattle and I am wearing my ever present Owl Feathers in my hair and also my Toli = Siberian shaman’s mirror, which here in Nepal is called “Melong”

I also have a small pouch with Wolf fur for Ada’s (Father’s) Clan Guardian with swveral crystals as gifts for our shaman teachers and a few feathers, that I found here in Nepal, in Chitwan and right here in Kathmandu and which, I hope, will absorb some of the teachings and the Energy and which then I can give to my students at home.

We drum and sing and dance to enliven all these beautiful Spirit Helpers.


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