Of Peacocks, Tiger tracks and Elephant rides:

To the Nepali shamans Peacock feathers symbolize the all seeing eyes if the Gods.

Aama Bombo

That is, why a headdress of Peacock feathers is worn during shamanizing.

As Medicine Gifts for Bhola and also for the other Nepali shaman teachers I had brought Peacock feathers.

Peacock also can lead a practitioner from darkness to light! 🙂

And Peacock can eat poison, without getting sick!

I had encounters with wild peacocks at home in Ontario of all places!

See here:




We also saw 3 young Peacocks on a Tree in Chitwan National Park, while on our Elephant back tour 🙂

young Peacocks 2

On an early morning Elephant back ride in Chitwan National park:

Arrival at dawn

Elephant and cell phone

A bit blurrrry, but – Elephant guide and his cell phone!?

We were out early – to see Rhinos

But none appeared….

We saw the Peacocks and  a lot of other Birds, however 🙂

There also were Tiger paw prints at the watering hole….

such a nice print

Such a nice print! ..And all alone too!

Very “Nice prints!! Always RIGHT in the verry middle of an Elephant foot print!

Very ”artfull”

When I held out my left hand, I could sense no Tiger, just the very clever guides , creating some “artwork”….

…So iffff  the paying tourists do NOT see any Rhinos on these outings, THAT is the reasonable explanation, Why!

“The Tiger drives them away, madam!” 😉

It is well known…. and a good trick! 🙂

Guide with Tiger track print This pic courtesy of our fellow travellers from Germany ♥

Guide with Tiger track print This pic courtesy of our fellow travellers from Germany ♥

Further down the trail however, there were another set of large Cat prints – this time in the right step sequence and also slippage in the wet mud…

… A little small for a Tiger, but maybe a young Leopard?

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