Woodpecker Medicine Shield

Today on Full Moon I finished a Medicine shield in sweet memory of “Pecke”, our Woodpecker, that died last year.
These are his wings and other feathers – so his Spirit can soar again…..

Woodpecker is the little Brother of Binesi Wok, the Thunderbird and so brings the wisdom of the 4 Winds

Woodpecker also is the drummer of the forest and creating so is creating his/ her own beat. Woodpeckers communicate with each other through their drumming on hollow logs and through sharp screeches.

Woodpecker medicine is about communication, tenacity, patience and straightforward actions. 


5 thoughts on “Woodpecker Medicine Shield

  1. That’s beautiful, Mi-Shell 🙂 I think I remember reading how sad you were (you do have many animal friends), so it is lovely to make something beautiful that you can utilise, and at the same time honour and remember Pecke’s spirit 🙂

    My hubby and I were delighted to happen upon two woodpeckers in a glade of trees on Savary Island BC when we visited there two years ago. I am not so familiar with nthn hemisphere creatures, so wasn’t expecting such colours on the woodpeckers . We felt very blessed. And, being an ardent lover of the NA style flute, legend would have it that I owe much to the woodpecker.

    • ThnXXX,shewhoflutesincaves ♥
      I also have a few more feathers for earrings and will work on them shortly. – I will have to look up, what kind of Woodpeckers you have on on Savary Island.

  2. I’d love to find out what species/type they are. We don’t have any sort of woodpeckers here in Australia to my knowledge, so it was doubly exciting. 🙂

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