A VERY interesting find!

Peter just came across this article announcing the discovery of the grave of a mighty Siberian indigenous warrior:



What I find fascinating is the fact that in death the man had the tooth of a Bear stuck up his nose.

Bear is the one that sleeps for a looooong time and then wakes up, healthy and refreshed. Circumpolar the Bear is seen as the one who brings healing – often in dreams……

This warrior had everything he needed to re-awaken and tell us about his time and his people. 

VERY interesting also, that he wore a bronze mirror,  just like a shaman…..

In  several Siberian cultures Fish amulets are  used as food-gifts for the Spirits of the Lower World where in a Spirit Boat the person rides into a new dawn.


Siberian warrior reconstruction

Parrot Feather Fan:

One of the shamanic students I mentor is raising the son of a Taita of the Cofan tradition from Colombia.

Parrot feathers are an important part of their regalia.

That inspired me to use all the diverse Parrot feathers I recently received from a loving family, that has several pet Parrots and combine them with a bit of fur from an ooooold coat of Ozelot fur. The Jaguar also features prominently in all South American traditions. Black Jaguars have the map of the Stars hidden on their pelt and bring the teachings of the Star Nations and our Ancestors, as well as our descendants yet to come…….

Parrot Feather Fan




spirit-of-the-jagua r2

Red Willow Bark:

red willow in winterToday Peter send me this article, about an Archaeologist discovering pottery shards with residue of Red Willow Bark, a favoured pain reliever the world over.   http://westerndigs.org/prehistoric-pottery-found-in-colorado-contains-ancient-natural-aspirin/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_aspirin scraping the Bark Red Willow Bark is also a favoured ingredient of the Ojibwa smoking mixture” giniginige ” = to mix something animate with something inanimate”) meaning plants with Animal grease, which is seen as inanimate as long as it is not Bear grease….   The word “kinikinick” comes from “giniginige”. The making of kinikinick nowadays can be a well kept family -or Clan secret. These ingredients are most often found in varying concentrations:  Leaves or bark of Red willow bark, as mentioned, freshly dried Dogwood leaves, Arrow Root, Red Sumac, Blueberry twigs, Bear berry leaves, Raspberry leaves  Choke Cherry twigs, stems and dried berries, Juniper berries, Mullen and dried Yarrow flowers. As fat the smelllly musk from the gland of the Muskrat was so popular, there are songs and chants about it, but Beaver grease or Badger fat was used as well.   For those of us, who wildcraft, early to late summer is the a busy time to gather, dry or prepare all the different plants we need for our medicinal mixtures. steeping  Willow Bark

Bad Boy


2 years ago Windwalker’s daughter proudly paraded by our house showing off her 3 tiny cubs, black fur balls stumbling behind their first outing to the blueberry patches in the back of our property. Now – 2 years later, these 3 tiny fur balls are all strapping sub-adult Bears and their mother has decided, it is time for them to get going on their own and chased them away. So, where is a young homeless Bear to go?


Looking for an easy meal……

I am trying to be a nice Bear


…. That hummingbird feeder over at Mi-Shell’s sure smells sweet……

…. and there are a few bird feeders with Sunflower seeds!

…. and – let’s steal the Raccoon food!

The culprit

You never know, maybe Peter forgot to lock the sliding door of the upper deck and I could get into the living room – and the kitchen! :)…….

push up

Smear dirty sandy paw prints all over the glass and poooooooop onto the deck, so they sure know, I have arrived…..”

Bear smear on sliding door upstairs 2

What? You are yelling at me?


I am soooooooooooo hungry and there is NOTHING to eat anywhere yet!”

Why are you yelling at me



Can I have just a teensy weensy little bit of Coon food?

Then I will go away!

I promise!”

dressing down




Well, I did NOT promise not to come back a few days later…….


….. and rip down the line with the hummingbird feeder and scratch a few decorative grooves onto the wall of the workshop and then curl up and go to sleep in the corner of the upper deck.

When Mi-Shell late at night came out to drum in the moonlight, she first thought I was a black blanket someone forgot and sat down on the chair next to me!

I gave her quite a scare!”


I swear I would have sung with her – for her friend Leslee, who is very sick and for the little Coon babies in the hollow Maple next to the house…….”


Smart Bear