Medicine Pieces

From now until the Winter Solstice we have 3 craft shows coming up and then Bearpaw will be in hibernation until next year mid May.

I am not a big fan of Christmas Craft Shows with all their bells, angels and carols. We do not celebrate Christmas and I always feel quite awkward participating as an artist in the shopping frenzy before the holidays. We however celebrate the Winter Solstice- which incidentally happens to be my birthday. And we neeeeeed to make a living and so – out we go. Our booth will probably be the only one not decorated for Christmas and the Medicine Pieces I created over the last 2 weeks will have to suffice as decorations – until such a time, when they are sold – and most probably been given away as Christmas presents.

What a conundrum!

Anyway; Here are some new Treasures:

Smudging Baskets containing Sage, Cedar, Juniper Berries, Arthemisia, Frankincense, Usnea, charcoal and a smudging shell.



Then I just finished another Hawk Wing Smudging Fan.

This one is from a female Northern Harrier, that hunted too close to the highway.

I have the other wing still unfinished downstairs and it hurts, to separate the 2 forever…….

But nobody ever would get both of them……

So here this wing will start a new life as a powerful Medicine Tool.


Last but not least i made another Wolf Medicine Pouch – this one for someone on a bit of a budget and not quite as elaborate as some of my previous ones.

I am sure, this one will be “adopted” fairly quickly.


As I now prepare the Family Altar in order to smudge and invocate these pieces, I wish you all

a Blessed and peaceful Full Moon! 🙂