Medicine Pieces

From now until the Winter Solstice we have 3 craft shows coming up and then Bearpaw will be in hibernation until next year mid May.

I am not a big fan of Christmas Craft Shows with all their bells, angels and carols. We do not celebrate Christmas and I always feel quite awkward participating as an artist in the shopping frenzy before the holidays. We however celebrate the Winter Solstice- which incidentally happens to be my birthday. And we neeeeeed to make a living and so – out we go. Our booth will probably be the only one not decorated for Christmas and the Medicine Pieces I created over the last 2 weeks will have to suffice as decorations – until such a time, when they are sold – and most probably been given away as Christmas presents.

What a conundrum!

Anyway; Here are some new Treasures:

Smudging Baskets containing Sage, Cedar, Juniper Berries, Arthemisia, Frankincense, Usnea, charcoal and a smudging shell.



Then I just finished another Hawk Wing Smudging Fan.

This one is from a female Northern Harrier, that hunted too close to the highway.

I have the other wing still unfinished downstairs and it hurts, to separate the 2 forever…….

But nobody ever would get both of them……

So here this wing will start a new life as a powerful Medicine Tool.


Last but not least i made another Wolf Medicine Pouch – this one for someone on a bit of a budget and not quite as elaborate as some of my previous ones.

I am sure, this one will be “adopted” fairly quickly.


As I now prepare the Family Altar in order to smudge and invocate these pieces, I wish you all

a Blessed and peaceful Full Moon! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Medicine Pieces

      • Thank you. I use to have a red fox who watched me from the time I crossed the street to the bus stop to the time I got home and was my side of the street again. (Kindergarten through High School) Snow is my fav. play material! I combined the two. Dad liked it. Said it fit. 😀

  1. Mi-Shell, I am with you in not being excited by the bells and whistles of Christmas, and it’s true that people do need to earn a living, but, beyond that, your presence there allows people access to truly beautiful, real art, and honouring of our fellow species, that they may otherwise never see or experience.

    I’ve said it before… your work is beautiful and respectful, and if I was able to have that gorgeous fan here in Oz, I would!!! 🙂

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