Of Medicine Bags and Anti Matter:

Well, we all know by now, what a Medicine Bag is.

New year birthing pouch

New Year Birthing Pouch

I do have – and daily use – several of them.

Crystal pouch

Crystal Pouch Black Beaver Fur

I also make some – for others on the path – you have seen the pictures and there are several that I am working on right now….

Maybe you have one as well, a Medicine Bag, for the things, that matter…..

But –

Oh boy! Friends are coming over and I better clean up!

There is dirt and what not EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

So out comes the vacuum cleaner! Mine is oooooold – and scruffy and shamefully dirty. He – he makes a lot of noise and so he is a “He”

He is from the first days, when we build our log house, when we did not even have inside walls and doors and no money for buying insulation….. 1992 . He was young and shiny then. So was I. To be honest, on an every day morning the 2 of us look a lot alike! Scruffy!

He is the one in charge of Anti Matter! With a loud howling sound he swallows everything that I allow him to – and then some….

In his belly is the bag of Anti Matter!

So, what exactly is it, that I consider “bad” what do I neeed to get rid of in a hurry, before my friends are coming?

Lets see, I say and just pick up, whatever is on the – once white and now muddled grey wool carpet from behind the couch.

A perfect example:

Carpet anti matter

A Wolf hair!

I am working on another Wolf Pouch, but by falling off my project this hair changed from Sacred matter to – ?dirt?

That can’t be right…..??

Then there is a small piece of Cedar twig,

several Spruce needles,

hair from my white mohair sweater,

a loooooong windy grey hair – from me.

Some small pieces of wood – from the wood Peter brings into the house every day to keep us warm.

One is Maple bark and the other is some mushy pulp from the centre of a hollow log.

Listed like this you sense, each and every one of these has some Medicine Powers!

Just imagine, what kind of magical spell could be worked with these ingredients!

Well let’s face it, there is also a Mouse turd. 😦

Honestly, I have NO idea, how many Beings live in this house!

OK, there are Peter and me,

at least 3 Flying Squirrels in the attic,

4 or 5 Spiders – so far.

We get them inside with the wood where they have hibernated and when in the warmth of the living room they wake up and crawl about sleepily. Hopefully they do, because otherwise we might not see them and…. (every piece of wood gets inspected, before it goes into the stove….)

If we see spider or other critter on the wood, it ends up downstairs in Peter’s workshop in Fran’s flowers,

Apropos Beings in the house: There are our winter guests = Fran’s monstrous flowers which we keep for her so they do not die on her veranda. Then there are some of our “over winterers” and all the plant beings on the window sill in the living room. I have not counted them – (leaves pooooooter to do just that…)

– Well, as of right now, there are 49 Plant Beings living in this house.

And yes, I am avoiding the subject of how many Mouse Beings…..

Usually we catch them in life traps and bring them – per car (= gas money) about 4 km away to the meadow of an abandoned farm and let them go there.

But in winter that is not an option. They would have neither food stores nor a nest and would freeze to death, so usually catch them and keep them in a terrarium until April. But Mice do often not like mice from other families and then they fight in there until the death of one fraction. So to avoid that we in other years had up to 3 terrariums with different mouse families… BUT:

When one Mouse is not scent marking her territory (because we caught it..) another Mouse moves in and so there will ALWAYS be one mouse family in the house…..This year I decided, not to catch them and see… So far so good.

A turd here or there, but otherwise no sign of any secret house inhabitants…..

So, back to the matter of the Anti Matter:

A medicine bag full of my/ our specific Anti matter contains almost no an-organics like plastic or metal – well, maybe the odd bead that rolled of my beading table and did not get picked up….

So when the belly of the Hoover Monster is full, where will I put its contents?

Open it up and release the Anti Matter back to where it matters= next to the organic compost, where it too can return to being – – just Matter.


Chuchundras dancing in my home

11 thoughts on “Of Medicine Bags and Anti Matter:

  1. Yes, indeed 🙂 I was just thinking “Ah, but Wolf fur isn’t rubbish”, as such a thing is unlikely to ever make its way here (Aussie Customs, :-), which I totally understand but still regret the inaccessibility of such items), when your writing came around to acknowledging the importance of it, fluff, scat and all 🙂

    I love the New Year Birthing Pouch… It has a womb-like, welcoming feel to it! 🙂

  2. HILARIOUS! Thanks Mi-Shell! We just caught a raccoon (live trap and released in the woods) who had decided to make our attic his winter hangout. BTW I would love to buy scrap wolf, rabbit or deer hair because we could use it in our pottery. Let me know if you would be interested in passing it along (with compensation). I’m in Oklahoma USA

    • I just hope it is not toooo cold for the normally hibernating Raccoon, the be evicted this time of year, where it is difficult to find new un- occupied save lodging……
      Wolf fur and so on…. is “officially ” not allowed to be send across the border….
      How would you be using it for pottery ???Can you tell us?

  3. Yes, I wouldn’t have felt good about releasing him but we are not in mid 60’s and all next week will be above 50. From the noise he was making over my head he was very active! Here in Oklahoma our winters fluctuate wildly. There is a lot of deadfall and old trees where I released him so I pretty sure he will find a spot.

    You can use hair (I have a horse hair bowl done with my deceased horse’s hair) on the pottery’s surface and when it is fired, it burns out leaving a pattern. People who lose their horses (to death) often have one done as a memorial. This is the company I used at that time which shows samples

    Rats! on the wolfs hair 😀 We have a big cats sanctuary here – I might see if they can give me some tufts collected when cleaning cages.

  4. Well… Maybe you should give me your address… for when I work more with Wolf fur again and…..
    We could just try iffff you get it….
    You could message me via Facebook or AT maybe???
    – adding: found out contact info via your web site!
    Great stuff!

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