Medicine Pieces In January:

Yes, it is January.

Every year, after Peter’s birthday we slooooowly and reluctantly start up working again, on/ for Bearpaw Jewellery, our business.

Actually, with both of us in our 60ties now, we could afford to – just stop.

But how does one “put to sleep” a successful and thriving business? We can not sell it, because its value ins not in the large workshop with all our tools and materials, it is our ideas, our designs and our creativity, that makes up the value.

Just stop everything, stuff it into boxes and bury it in the basement?

We can not really bury our creative drive either.

So for now, we decided, Bearpaw will transform from our “must do” to become more of our hobby and passion.

For me, my shamanic artwork is also a responsibility.

A promise I made. One, that I HAVE to keep, to the best of my ability.

See, there are all the hundreds of furs – all recycled form discarded coats, to be sure, but still….

Many of these Animals were bred and raised in deplorable conditions, just to be killed for their fur. Then, quickly and with the rapidly changing social consciousness, it became “inappropriate” to wear fur and so the beautiful pelts ended either in the trash bin – or the 2nd hand shop – or people brought them to me, traded them in, for a piece of jewellery, knowing, that I would make meaningful artwork from the pelts.

I promised to do that. Not so much to the people bringing the fur, but to the Animal Spirits still alive within…….


Now however, I have about 10 large bins full of fur. Toooo much to ever be able to use it and work it all. So, I will share with the Native crafters living in the area…….

Then, there are all the beautiful Bird Wings, waiting to be re-awakened to a new life. – Just remember this post, where I found several Hawks dead on the road on Manitoulin island on the busiest weekend of the year:

Now these are cured and ready to work with.

But before it is their turn, I have to work on the 2 Wings that came before them.

This one is yet another Sharp Shinned Hawk. I mounted it onto a piece of Cactus root.


Then, remember this post?

Now the 2nd  Northern Harrier wing is ready to take flight. – get “adopted”.



It is a truly LARGE piece with a Quartz Crystal and a Heron feather at the top and a silver feather on the sturdy handle. The handle is also a functional rattle, being filled with Turquoise pebbles.

This Female Northern Harrier Wing Fan is my Medicine Piece in honour of Full Moon In January.

3 thoughts on “Medicine Pieces In January:

  1. I love that you have a rattle incorporated with the beautiful wing feathers, Mi-Shell. To this day I haven’t yet made a full piece like this, as sadly the bird remains that I’ve met with have been too badly damaged. I have more baobab fruit left to make rattles from, and I have many feathers that have been sent my way by my feathered friends, but my original baobab rattle has very modest feather embellishment… I have the beautiful Owl foot fan, too, which I love a lot, but that was gifted to me by a friend who knew he wouldn’t honour it as I would …

    I know I will make something beautiful to honour All of Spirit one day… when that day comes, I’ll let you know, but in the meantime, I thank you for your fascinating and generous posts, Mi-Shell. 🙂 (((((((hug)))))))

    • Hi Shewhoflutesincavese! ♥
      Happy new year! a bit belated, but still 🙂
      You are reminding me, that I have not shared a few words about my latest Owl Wing Fan, that I made last December.
      That most likely will be my next blog post.
      Hugs to you and all my readers!

  2. Oh, beautiful! …. I look forward to that… and am grateful that I have my Owl foot fan, because not being able to have one of your beautiful pieces delivered to Oz would be too hard to bear!!!! Learning from your Work is a blessing, though! 🙂 Thank you. And, yes, happy belated new year… 🙂 (I don’t know how to include a heart icon on these blogs, but you know I would! :-))

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