Blessed Summer Solstice – and Strawberry Full Moon ♥

Strawberry Moon Blessings and Happy Summer Solstice to you all!

strawberry reconciliation moon

For many Native people and in many tribes in Siberia the June Full Moon is associated with the first harvest of forest Strawberries – not the ones that are commercially grown and overbloated….
The Haudenosaunee for example see the Strawberry as the Leader of all the Fruits…..
Summer Solstice is National Aboriginal Day here in North America.

Here is a little about the Strawberry Moon on the Summer Solstice:…are-thing.html


Here is the traditional Summer Solstice Prayer I am offering to the Community this year again:

Turkey feather fan (2)


Let us not forget, that the People in the Southern Hemisphere are celebrating the Winter Solstice today!

strawberry-moon from the net artist unnamed

One thought on “Blessed Summer Solstice – and Strawberry Full Moon ♥

  1. Hello in there ☺️

    Yes, it has now gone beyond the shortest day and the longest night.. Perhaps the length of this night is why I am unable to sleep.

    Whilst some community members hosted a Winter Solstice celebration, which was rained out, sadly, I tend to truly hibernate, and keep myself company, so I arrive at my own way of honouring Nature and All beings quietly and unrehearsed. ☺️

    I’ve lately been spending a great deal of time with my little plant friends out in my shade house. Despite the shortness and coolness of recent days, my beautiful plant friends are waking and emerging from the cool, damp soil, in numbers that absolutely delight.

    My ceremony is simple. Play my flute indoors, outdoors, and in-labyrinth, and sing to my beautiful seedling friends in gratitude, greeting them almost as they emerge.

    One of my small White Sage plants, whilst still a young plant, seems to grow and shed a starting-to-yellow leaf every time I am in the shade house and wish to clear my energy..

    Rather than smudging, which I also love, I am able to take the single leaf and roll it in my palms and rub the juice over my temples, wrists and etc. That way, I continue to smell the sage for a long while, and I feel refreshed and contemplative.

    Simple, quiet ceremony, honouring the living things around me, the Earth and the Sky, the Waters and the Stars 😊

    Blessings to you ❤️

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