Trouble in the Soul

Facing the current situation takes gumption and resilience!

Several of my clients are in big trouble 😦

Well, to be honest, we all are in trouble.

But to keep informed about THAT kind of trouble you can check out the daily news……. It is a “daškaar men’ – trouble” something external to us, something not born within.  (ištiki men’)

It does clash with what we all – or most of us – belief and what we stand for, what is good, balanced and “right”according to our personal world view and we are outraged, we protest, we talk about it, we write posts about it and so try our very best to deal with our anger, our frustration, our helplessness, our feeling of being run over by a horde of nasty dementors on their way to Mordor……

Some people however feel unable to even allow themselves to feel and acknowledge their feeling of frustration, outrage and anger, because THAT would be “negative energy” and their world view includes the strict avoidance of “any negative energy” for fear of being tainted and corrupted by it.

We all know a few of these “gentle souls”.

They do not watch the news, they do not read the papers, they do not allow any negativity or negative talk in their homes or in their presence and should “something “ come up in a conversation, they withdraw or simply leave…..

Generally this is a good and positive thing and keeps them healthy and it is a good strategy to mitigate anxiety if it were not for the denying of their own feelings.

It then can lead to a slippery slope, where healthy anger and frustration get further suppressed and denied, creating stress and pressure, that turns inward and eventually implodes, leading to anxiety attacks, nightmares, fear and ultimately also to depression.

Needless to say, that the afore mentioned symptoms are also seen as “negative energy” and so a nasty vortex is set into motion…….

Several of my clients now are stuck is such a nasty vortex 😦

What to do?

– I created a “safe space”

Candles, crystals, flowers…. things that THEY need to be there to feel safe (= this is not about what I may use or like or need or my tradition, this is about THEM!!)

– invocations of their Spirits – and mine, (who are never further away then the end of my nose anyway)

– induce a light trance

– then induce a psychological up-reaction

Yes, they will SCREAM


Soul cards deck Deborah Koff-Chapin

Scream out all their pent up anger, fear and frustration

They will cry and yell and mourn and grovel and curse and scream some more…..

RIP apart a bunch of black cloth and TOSS it right across the room….

GRAB a bunch of rocks and TOSS it at and after all the shitttt they feel helpless about

then dissolve into another flood of tears…….

for the next 30 minutes…….

– then it is time for a cleansing.

– the Yak tail comes out, and also my Great Horned Owl wing

– a chant

– a closing prayer

– a smudge; Juniper berries, Mullen, Lavender and Cedar….

– another chant

– a hug…..

A fresh box of cleanex and a cup of hot tea later

I may read the cards for them……


Then they go home, feeling better.

But then comes the hard task of bravely facing this new nasty world……

They know, I am just a phone call or an e- mail away…….

And I KNOW, that phone will ring……

6 thoughts on “Trouble in the Soul

  1. Wise words and counsel. Thank you, Mi-Shell. I am not so controlled and still I feel better just reading this. There is much to do, to restore balance and move forward.

  2. Its been awhile since I’ve left a post for you, but I do often come and read your blog entries and want you to know how much I get from it. I loved the story of your birth and your beloved Ee’ren Petzy! I love all your posts and will soon go back to look at the pictures again that you’ve shared. Every time I visit your blog, I learn something more. And, I also leave after reading your posts, feeling more relaxed and feeling so calm and beautiful inside. Thank you for this, Mi-shell! You are an incredible person and I feel so honored to have found you and your blog! I have learned so much from you both here and on A.T.

    btw, you’re not a bad musician either! 😉 I enjoyed your heart serenade as well! you are a multi-talented lady, Mi-Shell!

  3. Oh! 🙂 Hi Nancy!
    It is so nice to hear from you! thank you for your nice words!♥ I try my best with the blog posts.
    I should write more often, but time here is a big factor and most of what I am doing is working with patients and of course it is all “sensitive” and can not be shared on a blog…..
    well, these last few days I have also been working on a few Medicine Pieces – smudging fans from full Hawk wings and will post about that soon.
    if there is anything, I can help you with, please e-mail me or leave a message on FB!
    Take care now!
    Hugs! ♥

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