Talking Boooooks!

Now some will say: THAT”S where she got all the stuff from!
Another armchair shaman!!!
The best book will not help you when in comes to working with the terminally ill, the raped , the abused, and the disenfranchised.

Books are also useless when it comes to seeing cancer cells – or none –  in a patient undergoing chemo – or in someone who is refusing treatment altogether = the REAL WORLD!
But I love to sit down and read if I am not hanging here typing this .
We have over 4000 books about all kinds of subjects and many are there to be loaned out to my students – and hopefully returned sometime!
Yes, and 67 of them are murder mysteries but the rest of them are along the lines of Mythology, Spirituality, Anthropology , Shamanism and Peter’s huge Rock Art book and prehistory collection…..

This whole category will grooooow over the next few months, so check back!

New titles will be added under a new date – always at the bottom of the page! 🙂

Sooo here we go:

February 10th 2012



Information about Animal Spirit Guides and Guardians:

  • Animal Wisdom – myth, folklore and medicine Power of animals Jessica Dawn Palmer — my favourite!!

soft, gentle , for beginners:

  • Power Animal Meditations — Shamanic Journeys with your Spirit Allies by Nicki Scully
  • Animal Magick – DJ Conway …..> Wicca anyone!!! good book!

VERY specific and culturally precise:

  • Animals of the Soul – Sacred Animals of the Oglala Sioux, Joseph Epes Brown
  • Zuni Fetishes Hal Zina Bennet —> Good info about Older Brother Mountain Lion , Bear and maaaany others!

Shamanism + being “on the path”

  • Mircea Eliade,
  • Michael Harner, 
  • Rüdiger Kahlweit,
  • Sandra Ingerman and many others have numerous titles in several languages, also Spanish and Japanese

Use what you read there as inspiration for your own exploration, not as you bible to live by.

  • Roger Walsh The Spirit of shamanism is a good place of beginning for new students.
  • Singing The Soul Back Home Shamanism in daily life by Caitlin Matthews

Has very good exercises, I highly recommend it to my students, but have yet to see one person, who managed to actually DOO all the exercises! They will first turn the focus on yourself and all your preconceived “notions” and then on your “issues” We all have them and this is a very gentle beginning of how to work with and on them, so that eventually you can successfully work with people seeking help.

Where you in daily training with a practising shaman, this learning curve would be a lot steeper 😉

  •  Shamanic Voices Joan Halifax as well as others from her I can also recommend

For our Snake Dreamers:

  • The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the origins of knowledge is a must!

by request Books in German:

  • Bärenmedizin und Jaguartraum Nana Nauwald
  • Das Buch der Schamanen Europa und Asien, Mihail Hoppal
  • .
  • .

Culture specific books I read and like:

  • Called to Heal: African Shamanic Healers Susan Schuster Campbell
  • Right over the Mountain: Travels with a Tibetan Medicine Man Gill Marias
  • Healing Sounds from the Malaisian Rainforest – Marina Roseman
  • Shamanism, the Spirit World of Korea Chai-shinYu and R.Guisso

  • Boiling Energy – community healing among the Kalahari K’ung – Richard Katz

  • Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice Ethnobotanist searches for new Medicines in the Amazon Rainforest Mark J. Plotkin, who also wrote others….

  • Alberto Viloldo wrote several, the first is the best, others fade…in my opinion… sorry!

  • Secrets of the Ancient Incas Michael Peter Langevin

  •  Animated Earth – Daniel K.Statnekov discovers the “magic “of Peruvian Whistling Vessels

  •  Sastun :My apprenticeship with a Maya Healer — Rosita Arvigo

  • Shaman MD A plastic surgeon’s journey into ths world of shapeshifting Eve Bruce, MD

  •  Woman who glows in the dark A Mexican Curandera reveals traditional secrets of physical and spiritual Health — Elena Avila with Joy Parker

    North America Native as well as Global!

  • Mother Earth Spirituality My friend DE McGAA, Eagle Man Also his other book where he explores Celtic ways with Indian Eyes
  •  Sacred Earth The Spiritual Landscape of Native America Arthur Versluis
  • Stars Above Earth Below Native Americans and Nature Carnegie Museum of Natural History Marsha C Bol Editor
  •  The Sacred ways of Knowledge , Sources of Life Peggy v Beck and others
  • Buffalo Woman Comes singing My friend Brooke Medicine Eagle = DO THE EXERCISES!!!!!
  • The Wolves of Heaven Cheyenne Shamanism, Ceremonies and prehistoric Origins
  • The Dancing Healers – A Doctor’s Journey of Healing with Native Americans by Carl E. Hammerschlag, who did write more than one good book 😉

  • Coyote Medicine Lessons from Native American Healing by Louis Mehl-Madrona,MD

  • Teachings from the American Earth Indian Religion and Philosophy D and B Tredlock, editors

  • lame deer, Seeker of Visions The Life of a Sioux Medicine Man by John Fire Lame Deer and Richard Erodes

  • The Medicine Man Oglala Sioux Ceremony and Healing by Thomas H. Lewis

  • Inuit Shamanism and Christianity by Frederic B. Laugrand and Jarich G. Oosten

  • About specific Native Nations check everything from Thomas E Mails
  • Just a very few about Siberia:
  • The Archaeology of Shamanism Edited by Neil Price
  • Anything from Sarangerel Odigon or Kira van Deusen
  • Shanar,Dedication of a Buryat Shaman – Virlana Tkacz and others and with great pics of rituals:

  • Artists :
  • Susan Seddon Boulet : the decks of her paintings and the books Shaman as well as the Goddess paintings and others
  • Also the Art of Mara Friedman
  • and did you guys know that Kandinski explored Shamanism? Many of his paintings are entropic trance pics…..

I am not really qualified for that, but to mention John and Caitlin Matthews is save.

  • I like the Daily Meditations for the Year and the Celtic Oracle – with GREAT pathworkings
  • -Sacred living daily Guide Robin Hereens Lysne
  • Heroes of the Dawn Celtic Myth a Time Life book and very helpful
  • A Land of Gods and Giants Mick Sharp
  • Sacred journeys Stone Circles & Pagan Journeys by Sally Griffyn
  • The Druids by Stuart Piggott
  • Fire in the Head Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit by Tom Conway
  • The Celtic Druid’s Year seasonal cycles of the ancient Celts by John King
  • By Oak, Ash and Thorn MODERN Celtic Shamanism D. J. Conway ( note the word “MODERN!!)
  • Seidr by Jenny Blain

  • Australia:
    again many books, I just mention:
  • Wise Woman of the Dreamtime Aboriginal tales of the ancestral Power collected by K Langloh Parker
  • Voices of the First Day Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime Robert Lawlor


2 thoughts on “Books!!!!

  1. Here are some Rupestrian Art book titles from around the world, this includes Petroglyph and Pictograph art, but also Prehistory in general and Lewis-Williams books about shamanic interpretations of ancient art
    -African Rock Art, Paintings and Engravings on Stone, David Coulson + Alec Campbell
    -Canyon de Chelly, its People and Rock Art, Campbell Grant
    -Rock Art of the Dreamtime,Images of Ancient Australia, Josephine Flood
    -Picture Writing of the American Indians, Vol.1+2, Garrick Mallery
    -Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes, Selwyn Dewdney + Kenneth Kidd
    -Reading Rock Art, interpreting the Indian Rock Paintings of the Canadian Shield, Grace Rajnovich
    -They write their Dreams on the Rock forever,Annie York + Richard Daly + Chris Arnett
    -Dancing at the Dawn of Agriculture,Yosef Garfinkel
    -Der Mensch kam aus Sibirien, Aleksej p. Okladnikov
    -The Nature of Paleolithic Art, R.Dale Guthrie
    -Journey through the Ice Age, Paul G. Bahn
    -Northern World, The History and Heritage of Northern Europe, Christine E. Fell + David M. Wilson
    -The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art, Paul G. Bahn
    -Nordfriesland in vorgeschichtlicher Zeit, Albert Bantelmann
    -The Mind in the Cave,Consciousness and the Origins of Art, David Lewis-Williams
    -Inside the Neolithic Mind, Consciousness, Cosmos and the Realm of the Gods, David Lewis-Williams + David Pearce

  2. Thanks for sharing this list of books. It is interesting to me that I actually have both of those mentioned under your category of “Australia”. I collected them as I was studying Indigenous cultures around the world.

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