Rhino vision:

Then, in the Spirit of beginning and opening ourselves to the shamanic teachings to be presented, Bhola asked us to drum and rattle, sing, move, dance and call in our personal Guides, Deities and ancestral Animal Spirits. Bhola himself had donned his red and white bandana and his Peacock feather headdress, his bells and malas and now began to drum and to chant in a very beautiful voice.
We all followed suit, everyone in their own way.

It was quit5e a dis-tonal symphony.

No sooner had I notice the high falsetto voice of one of the participants, that this very sound changed into muddy foot prints…. belonging to a small Jungle Cat with black, grey and dark brown fur……
Where is Lira? Oh! There, up on that large Sal tree! The rest of “the gang assembled beneath it, but somehow stayed in the background.
I felt a little confused.
Why were they not coming over to me and why was I rooted to the very ground?
A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE shadow rose over me. It started to shimmer sun coloured, then turned to grey.

A Huuuuuuuuuuge Rhino materialized right before me, in the space between my Miahanits and me.It chewed his cut and started to “transmit” concern and “being in charge”
I lowered my Rattle and bowed down before this formidable Spirit of the Land.
With much decisiveness and authority it transmitted:
“Here Rhinos teachers about how to deal with anger and aggression, – and short-sightedness!
Rhinos in the wild are sensing the aggressions of other Beings, especially other Rhinos and that is, how these Animals keep their distance and their personal space in the wild of the jungle, where visibility is limited. So ifffff there is a person, who is passive aggressive and nasty, Rhinos can sense that and they will “stay away” and not show themselves = not be seen by that Being……!!
“Short sighted Beings are Beings, that do not have the full picture, but charge and lash out anyway”
Short sighted Beings that just charge out, may not be able to see the full impact of their behaviour……”As if to illustrate this point, a small belligerently grumbling gnome materialized… and promptly changed into a small Rhino……..
“Beings like Rhino may not even think, they did anything wrong” They are just covering up fear and insecurity with preventative acts of…….. They need to………
….. Peter, who was next to me, touched me…. I started to shake violently, the vision disintegrating…….. Somehow I was still rattling and…. nobody else was…….They were all done and Bhola looked at me and then started talking …. something about….?? No idea…..
I tried to get the shaking under control and concentrated on breathing slow and even.
I find it hard, when an important journey is ripped apart like that, but I am in Bhola’s circle and there is much to learn……
Get it together, Mi-Shell!!

I opted for writing down, what I had seen, because is was VERY relevant and helpful !


Invitation to the Trip of a Lifetime! :)

It is now – what – 3 ½ years ago, that P. came to me as a client. She was” battling”a lot of “issues” and over the years we worked on many of them. Some got solved, some changed….

Today, she is quite healthy and is enjoying life to the fullest.

Over these years our relationship changed from shaman- client to becoming friends.I still do “work” for her and her family, but we also often “hang out” and have fun.

P. now also follows shamanism focusing on her Ancestors and also totally turned her life around and adopted a new, more spiritual lifestyle.

She travels a lot = a LOT!!!!!                                                      To Egypt and down the Nile in a boat and see all the pyramids – with Nicky Skully –and the creator of the Anubis oracle cards…To Dubay to the Medan races, where the family’s horse was invited by the Sheik, – and won nothing of the 12 million $ prize…

she also loves to visit other well known shamanic teachers and take their seminars, then shares what the experience gifted her. 🙂

So back in late January she had just returned from a short trip – I forgot to where and we were at her house for dinner.  While the servants were bringing in a delicious desert of exotic fruit dipped in chocolate, P. causally mentioned, that she wants to go to Nepal:

A shamanic practitioner from Maine is organizing a 10 day tour to Nepal, visiting the sites, working with the shamanic teachers Bhola Banstola, Aama Bombo and several others.

She showed us the advertisement for this workshop.

It is in October,” she said.You guys are done with all your shows by then, right??”

Yes”, Peter said – “for about a month – until…”

Good,” P. said, “Because you are going too”

 We were speechless!!!!!bugeyed

Yes, she said, “We are all going to do this” – pointing at the flier, “and Sam wants to fly around Mount Everest!

And pointing at me: ”And you and Peter can pick another little adventure, for a few days, what you would like to do”  My fork dropped to the floor and for the rest o the evening I starred at the flier before me and – stared some more, while Sam and P. discussed the idea of going to see the Dalai Lama on the same trip – or maybe later or… …..??!!??

Peter said nothing.

I had hawked that flier in such a way, that P.’s PA = personal assistant was to print me my very own copy to take home….

I was speechless, and stayed so ! 🙂


At some point, a few months ago I must have mentioned, that I have not had a holiday in years. The last time I went “away” was when my sister died and I had to take care of her estate – back in 2009 – But that was a rather sad affair, not a vacation.

So P. decided, that I should have a little vacation and some fun!

I am flabbbbbberghastered, but ready!


Here we come!

A Guardian Bundle for a new Tipi:

When a new Tipi is erected, it is seen as a new female person and member of the camp circle. It receives many Blessings.
One for each lodge pole, one for the hides of the Animals that gave their lives – or the Plants and minerals, that provided the canvas.
In the olden days Tipis were constructed out of up to 24 Buffalo Cow hides = only female hides were used!
They all were individually blessed and given a protection “dot with ground catlinite or red ocher mixed in Bear grease (Bear= healing power)
When erected, the Tipi also received a special protection/ Guardian Bundle, that was hung onto the mid pole at the back. This “Fetish” was usually conceived of in a shamanic dream by and Elder or medicine Person.

This is the bundle, that the Spirits of the Land instructed me to prepare for this Tipi:

Guardian Bundle

Materials used:
– – Buffalo wool to honour the ancient ways and the Buffalo Nation  as being the ultimate provider and giving their life for the benefit of the Human Beings
– – A Prayer Bundle containing a Buffalo bone, Sage and Cedar
Red trade cloth = Red= Life, East, New Beginnings,
Turquoise: Healing stone, prevention of injury and harm

East, discernment, independence, guardianship, protection Spirit of the Men
Keeper of the Sacred Law of Cause and Effect, protection Spirit of the camp, the Clan, especially, when the men are out -at war or hunting and the women are alone
joy in hard work, harvest of riches, protection for small children, especially when nursing = growth of the family


Tipi Facts:
The origin of the Tipi is the North-Eastern Boreal Forest – among the Cree and Chippewa Nations
Tipis are tilted cones: The Back of the Tipi is steeper than the front, to guard against the prevailing West winds.
The entrance is always East – towards the rising Sun.
So in East winds Tipis are somewhat shaky and may “wander”
At least 12 sometimes up to 24 Cow Buffalo hides were used. NEVER hides from a male Animal.
A Tipi usually belonged to a woman. Her family provided the hides and poles. In some tribes, If she wanted to  divorce her husband, she could just put his belongings outside.
Among some tribes however,it was quite different: The men may trade, exchange or loose one or several of his wives in gambling games and then she would have to move into the Tipi of the winner.  She would have to sleep at the lowest place – near the door, often having her children with her.  So husbands may change but it was important to get along with all the women of the camp, because one never knew, in who’s Tipi one may end up, but the Sisterhood of women stays the same.
Tipi poles each have a spiritual teaching, no matter, who’s Tipi you reside in.
A normal mid 19th Century Tipi made from Buffalo hide may weigh from 90 to 110 pounds,it was  18 to 25 ft in diameter when set up.
When the camp was moving the poles were tied – 5 to 6 on each side onto pack Horses. 2 further poles were lashed together to form a travoi and the 90 pound rolled Tipi skin was hoisted upon it. 2 women had to work together to load a Tipi. A second pack horse with another travoi transported bedding, parflechs and other household items. So the owner of a tipi also needed access to 3 pack horses.

Nowadays most tipis are made of high quality fire resistant canvas and a lot easier to set up.

My next post will be a picture essay of the Tipi raising at a friend’s home.



Toooo tired to journey :(

Toooo tired to journey 😦

It was late in the evening. Normally for me, that is a good time to go on a shamanic journey. I just sit and drum and ……

No problem…. 🙂


But it had been a crazzzzy day with a pile of complicated interlocking problems to solve and I was tiered. VERY tiered. But I had promised M. that I would undertake a journey on her behalf to find out about a problem she was dealing with.

So I sat down on my Reindeer fur anyway and started to drum. Very soon there was lira leading me to a wide summer meadow- a fenced cow pasture at the edge of a wooded lot. Kids were coming from ?? school?? 2 girls, sisters in the foreground. Wearing light coloured summer dresses they were taking “a short cut home”

all of a sudden and to my extreme consternation my toothbrush appeared in giant size in the visionary field. What the XP&@79|***!!!!

Where were the girls?

Oh! OK! There they were, just walking across that meadow….coming closer to … there was the damn toothbrush again!!

What is up with that? I ….

I saw myself in our bathroom, standing at the sink, holding my tooth brush – ready to brush my teeth – (the last thing I usually do, often with eyes closed already – before crawling into bed… )

So there I was, – sooooo tiered and uncoordinated, the toothbrush fell out of my hand and into the toilet bowl.. I was aghast! I fished it out of there…. Why is the lid open anyway? Lira swooped in, landed on the dresser drawer, looked at me and said. Mi-Shell, go to bed, you ‘ve had it!”

She rarely calls me by my name!!!

Was I journeying, dreaming – was this happening – or -??

Maybe I was sitting on my Reindeer fur and –

Yes, that was it…

I remember !

I stopped drumming went downstairs – looooooked at my toothbrush a loooooong time before using it – and after- crawled into bed…. toothbrush

Next morning journeying was easy and I had a good result and when I wrote the client, what I had seen and found out, she was amazed that I saw an Ancestor known to her, one of her Animal Guides and …..

.well, it is confidential…. 🙂

Ongon Spirit from Mongolia

In the afternoon of December 24th I did a Tarot reading for a close friend. It was quite intense and insightful. After the reading concluded she showed me 2 small bronze statues she had gotten “from Nicholas”and told me to choose one for myself.

Ongon SpiritI was immediately attracted to the first one because it reminded me of all the untold stelae and statues guarding the Scythian Kurgans in my ancestral homeland, Tuva. Not only do we there have Spirits like this in stone, but also smaller, simpler ones made of wood, some for house altars, others to wear, many depicting the living Earth Mother. The way the figurine holds the hands folded over the navel area is very characteristic. The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, like a smiling Kong Fuzi or one of the early emperors, due to its serene facial expressions.


The other one to me personally was larger and so more impressive, but had a decidedly male feel to it. It also looked “somewhat Chinese” to me, due to its facial expressions.

Ongon -P







I thanked my friend and left my little treasure on the Tarot table in the treatment room.

We went for dinner to town and had a nice evening.

Then late at night I had a strange and very vivid dream:

The little Statue had come to life and was grabbing my ritual drum – the drum forthwith also became really small, so he/ she could play it. Then the Spirit danced around through the treatment room, over the Bear fur and the tables singing loudly and drumming up a storm. It had a rather raspy and hissing voice. Eventually he/she hopped into the mouth of the Bear and went singing and drumming all through his body and came out the “other end”

Waking up from that I was quite impressed!

What Spirit had come into my home?

I also had had the distinct feeling, during the dream, that this was not a strictly female spirit, but rather was 2 spirited.

Subsequently I send my friend a message asking her for more information about the little statue and where it was from.

To my surprise this is the answer to the riddle:

It is an Ongon Amulet from Mongolia and used by shamans to represent their spirit guides: It was acquired from the 3 Worlds site of Nicolas Breeze Wood.

Here is, what he published about it:


Origin: Mongolia, Northern China or Inner Mongolia
Age: unknown – but probably some significant age
Height: 50mm (2.0 inches) approx

Small standing bronze female ongon figure. An ongon is a house made of many different things and in many different forms, for a shamanic spirit to live in. Shamans and none shamans in Siberia have ongons, there will be ongons for the spirit of the house or the forest or the fields, often (but not always) in the form of a person.

Small bronze figures like this are called ‘buudaly,’ and are said to have fallen or been thrown down from the sky. Sometimes they are found in wild places and that is probably where the story of them having come from the sky originates.

Shamans use these small bronzes, especially the ones with suspension holes, to represent their spirit helpers or the ancestors. Often they tie them onto clothes or drums or other objects.

Tonight I will do a shamanic journey to my Ancestor Spirits to find out, if and how I should be working / interacting with this little Spirit Being.

Read the next post, 


to find out, how the story continues 🙂

Charley’s siblings

Norval Morrisseau – Migration

Well a few years have passed, since I last saw Charley. Tomorrow I will be at his school again and I wonder, how many siblings he has  now……

Let’s go back to the Social Studies teachings of 2010:

The following scenario is real,  just all names have been changed.

Envision the little elementary school in R. not far from where I live. Mostly white kids, a few Asian and about 12 Native students; Some Mohawk, some Ojibwa, some from other tribes, who’s parents moved here….

The subject of the day was family – and so all the kids in grade 1 were asked to tell how many siblings they have – counting them, you know….

All goes well, until it is little Charley BlackOtter’ turn to speak.

“15”! he announces.

“WHAT???” the teacher wonders – “No, Charley, are you sure?

” Yes!” The teacher is perplexed and decides to let it go for now. She knows, that Charley’s  mom has him and 3 other kids at home.

. Now the teacher is really perplexed. To make matters worse, Charley gets teased during recess. To make THAT matter worse, an older Native boy rises to the occasion of protector and brings all his followers. They whack the white kids with their tennis shoes because they made fun of Charley and his mom and SHE is a BLackOtter!!!

The teaches break up the fight and discuss with Charley the consequences of telling tall stories that are not quite true. Little Charley , now in the principal’s office, hangs his head and confesses, yes, he was wrong, he has 17 brothers and sisters, not 15 and he is sorry he had miscounted.

The school staff discusses the matter further. The teacher does have to call Charley’s mom anyway and asks her again about, how many kids she has. “What business is it of yours” is the answer. the teacher explains: Mom BlackOtter replies: If Charley says he has 17 brothers and sisters, than that must be true!” NOW the principal is perplexed. But she also knows; it has something to do with being Native. Just what exactly…???

Maybe the kids of his 2 aunties count as siblings????

She also checks her records and finds out, Ms BlackOtter is in her late twenties and lives in a “common law partnership”

She also knows – from the local gossip, that Charley’s grandma is a “special” person. Not that she always was – Thelma R. in her days was known to be a famous drunk and “loose” and none of her 6 kids are from the same father, ifffff indeed a father was known at all. Thelma was at one time a reasonably good student in the church run residential school over near P. but then had “turned sour” = gotten pregnant, claimed the priest to be the father (Oh what a nasty accusation that was back in the days…) The child was taken away from her after his birth abd given for adoption by the Church and Thelma had “married the bottle” and was known as a lay down drunk” up into her mid 40 ties… But then somehow she had managed to sober up, collect all her various kids around her and had moved back out to the land. = a small parcel of land that due to some treaty was her family’s…

Now Thelma was some sort of a matriarch and not good to eat Cherries with. She had taken up the “Old religion “ and now was considered an Elder and highly respected by her folks.

the principal was not inclined to tackle Thelma or anyone of her daughters. But still… she would love to find out, what was behind the 17 brothers and sisters, that Charley claimed to have.

Hmmm….. Maybe she should phone that Medicine woman- lady who comes to the school and teaches about Native customs.

So my phone rings.

Well, Lets see, if we can shed some light into Charley’s family relations:

1) Charley’s mom was married for a brief time to an Ojibwa guy from Ignace, further west, they had the oldest, now in G. high school and soon to graduate from there. That marriage broke up when the man moved out to Alberta and lives together with a lovely Cree lady and has 2 kids with her – and the one she adopted from her sister that had a few too many and so – in Alberta Charley has 3 siblings….because in Ojibwa culture, your brother’s brothers and sisters are your brothers and sisters….

2) Then there is little Hannah and her dad, who did not stay long either, but he now lives out on the reservation, and has 3 more kids -all waaaay older than Hannah but – Charley’s siblings.

3)Then Charley’s dad, who lives out in P. with another lady. He has 3 kids with her, but she has 2 from a previous marriage = +5 siblings for Charley

4)Then there is Henry, the guy that is now Ms BlackOtter’s common law husband and with whom she has little Ella and baby Henry the 2nd.

Henry is a nice guy, but he has an ex- wife on Curve Lake with 2 kids and then there was this crazy girlfriend before Charley’s mom and there also was a little baby…. now being raised by Henry’s mother in Curve Lake…. that then would be Charlie’s sister Marjory….

Soooo: Do I know all these people ?

No. / well, since  when I first wrote this ,  I know 2 more …

I know Elder Thelma S. and 2 of her daughters from the Pow Wow in T. last year. But I know, how Ojibway society works and how people view relations.

And I can explain it to the principal in the school. – Now, were we to add all the kids from Charley’s Aunties and Uncles, we would be in the 60 kids range – easy.

But Charley is smart. He knows already, that white people do not count these brothers and sisters….:)

Good for him!Norval  Morrisseau  Ancestral Spirit Speaks to Children

Into the Cave

7 of Coins:
When I drew this card this morning,

I had to laugh out loud!

See, yesterday evening we went to see the movie “Cave of forgotten Dreams” from Werner Herzog about the Chauvet Cave in France.
Now today, the 7 of Coins shows a prehistoric person painting on the wall of an ancient cave – supposedly Lascaux, but the Horse drawings above him on the wall look very much like the ones in Chauvet!

Yesterday we found it enigmatic and beautiful to see the amateurish film from/ about the elderly scientists exploring the cave, but we also wondered about all the strange avant guard and quite ‘squeaky”violin and cello music, that they used for the film and that none of them had any inkling about the shamanistic worldview of the people that painted these images. There also was a Reindeer fur clad guy, who plaid on a replica of the oldest Flute ever discovered.

And what did he play?

The Star spangled Banner  😦
With only o short shot and 1 sentence the Bear Skull Altar was mentioned in the film.

– and then back to religious music….

The scientists were all christians and to even talk about shamanism for them means risking their carrier and their reputation…..



Today in the 7 of Coins I am seeing a person that although lived 30 000 years ago, has much the same worldview as I do…. that is enigmatic. although back then people did not paint with a paint Brush like in the card image, he looks at me and I see eye to eye with him on many levels…. What would he think about my life here today?


So: How was my day after drawing this card?
20/ 20:
Well, no, I did not paint a cave today
A client of mine asked me to present a shamanic teaching circle about love using the Medicine Wheel as a paradigm – for her grandchildren. So I sequestered myself for a while into my Spirit Cave and planed that event. It will happen on Thursday at a Medicine Wheel I build with the family last year.
I will need a lot of loving patience when working with these precious young Souls.
The patience that is a virtue of the 7 of coins will help me…..

… and yes, the prehistoric man in the image would understand all about love and concern for children in the circle of the family….


here some infos about Chauvet Cave and the world’s oldest flute:



On a hot day in Huntsville…

As previously mentioned, June 21st is National Aboriginal Day and I was in Huntsville to bring teachings:

It was hot and very windy day. We were on site 2 hours early to set up the teaching area and several teaching stations that explain a little about the differences – and similarities of several First Nations.

To honor the Kanien’keha’:ka, the People of the Flint,(Mohawk) I had brought a Deer skin, as Deer is seen as the leader of the Animals, Maple twigs and Maple sirup as Maple is seen as the leader of the Trees. Strawberries are the leaders of the Food people, being the very first that are ripe up here – but we could not exhibit our delicious Strawberries, because the leader of the Ant People was right there to eat them up/ carry them away.. 😦

For the 3 clans of the People of the Flint I put the Turtle shell for the Turtle Clan, the Wolf foot for the Wolf Clan,and Bear fur for the Bear Clan. You also see my Water Drum, a woven basket with dried Squash and ceremonial heritage Corn and a little bottle of Maple sirup. Then there was the Tobacco pouch the Sachem of the Wolf Clan had given me as a present for a healing I had done for his family and the traditional Healing Rattle, I had received from a lady who’s grandfather was a doctor in the area in the 1920ties and who had received it for helping a Mohawk man,whom he had helped after a bad accident.(Peter now uses this rattle in the longhouse during certain songs and dances 🙂 )

The exhibit to honor the Buffalo Nations out West had the large Buffalo skull I received, honored by Buffalo wool, bead work and f”ed” with Sage and Sweet grass. The panel has traditional buffalo teachings on it as well as the sad history of the Buffalo slaughter of the late 18hundrets….

Then the exhibit for the Anishinaabe shows a traditional wabenowin rattle contrasted by a more modern Turtle rattle a pouch and tie with the traditional floral bead work of the Woodland Culture,A white Rabbit fur represents Nanabozho, a messenger of G’tchi Manitou, an intermediary on Earth among different species of beings and an advocate for the Anishinaabe, to whom he imparted the gift of knowledge.

The Turtle – (Snapping Turtle shell) again stands for Earth In the back is one of my handmade Sweet Grass smudging baskets with Sage,(West) Cedar,(North) and home grown Tobacco (East)and a Sweet grass braid (South)

Here on the picture still in the plastic bag is a shell with smudging herbs that was lit for the noon ceremony and onto the little dishes I would put Herbs, that people can use as offerings to put their own Prayers into the Sacred Fire and send them to Creator. We had to keep this covered until the last minute because of the strong wind, that was trying to blow things about….

 I have no pictures of the things being in use, but I am sure you know, that it is strictly against cultural norms to photograph the Prayers and  ceremonies while they are being conducted.

Many Elders also do not allow people to take pictures of any teachings. I however belief, that every little bit helps to bring understanding and tolerance to a broader audience and so am OK with being photographed or filmed while teaching. I however do not like the media interfere with what I do, I do not “pose” for pictures and do not answer questions of the media while teaching. When there is healing rituals or a sharing circle, then I do no allow any media.

We also did set up a teaching area with a Medicine wheel, the big drum and all the hand drums. In the next post there will be a few pics about what went on there….

There was supposed to be another Native Elder from a local community .

He has promised to bring Prayers and teachings, but he did not show up and it was an awkward situation with all the town’s dignitaries and the TV crew waiting and waiting and waiting in the searing 40+ heat….

…..until they decided, that I was on my own for the day…

There were a lot of people in the central plaza and several school classes had come to attend and learn.

So I grabbed my drum, entrusted the Smudge to a knowledgeable Anishinaabe que and  did the ceremony and the following teachings alone.

Summer Solstice / National Aboriginal Day Prayer:


Today on the longest day of the yearly cycle we have gathered here to honor Grandfather Sun and to give thanks for all the lush abundance in our lives, that the Creator, the Sacred Mystery provides for us all.



And so we turn our thoughts towards the Medicine Powers of East,

and send our greetings and our gratitude towards the place where Grandfather Sun is rising every morning, blessing us with the light and warmth that fills our hearts and minds,

that makes the Eagle soar and that gives strength and energy to our Brothers and Sisters the Plants: the food Plants, healing Plants the Trees and the Flowers that speak to our open hearts.

May Grandfather Sun fill us with energy, enthusiasm and joy, confidence and creativity

Today and always.

Let us now turn towards the Powers of the South, the direction of Summer, heat and growth and our daily work and responsibilities .

May the Creator extend loving protection over all of us, our families and loved ones, our homes and our communities.

May we have patience and kindness in our hearts, when teaching the children.

May we be filled with and respect for all living beings

Let us also send greetings and gratitude towards our Brothers and Sisters the Animals, the 4 Legged, the Winged ones, the Shape Changers and the Swimmers, from whom we can learn the wisdom of living on this land in Beauty and in Balance.

Today and always.

Let us now turn towards the West, the direction of the setting Sun, that teaches us to slow down, from our daily work and turn inwards. Let us send greetings and prayers for good health and healing to everyone who is sick today and so can not be here. Let us send greetings and prayers of solace to everyone who lost a loved one. Let us help everyone who is lost and in distress or confused. May the Evening Sun lend us the insight to recognize our own weak spots and give us the strength to walk towards the greater good of peace and healing.

Today and always.


Let us now turn towards the North, the place of night, quiet, dreams, memory and visions.

Let as sing our songs of greeting and gratitude that affirm our culture and who we are.

Today, on National Aboriginal Day, let us offer Sweet grass, Sage and Tobacco to honor the Ancestors, who walked upon this land, since the time of Beginnings.

May our words and deeds plant the teachings of the Ancestors deep into the hearts of our children and grandchildren.

The vision of the First Nations is one, that honors the past and the sacrifices made, but it looks forward, towards a vibrant and productive future.

Today and always

Let us now send Greetings and heartfelt gratitude towards the Earth Mother for all she provides for us and all our Relations, the Animals, Plants, Birds.

Let us give thanks for the growing harvest, now in our fields and gardens.

Let us pledge to keep clean the waters, lakes, streams and rivers, as water is the life blood of our Mother the Earth.

Let us be respectful of the land, of forests, meadows, sea shores and mountains down to the very last  rock and stone , for these are her bones and her wisdom resides in them.

Let us honor the Fire, that first arouse from the depths of her belly.

All that is upon the Earth is of the Earth and the Earth is our only home.

Today and in the future.

Let us now pay our respects to Father Sky stretched out high above us and send greetings and gratitude in the form of sacred smoke of Sage and Tobacco up into his blue blanket.

For Grandfather Sun, for Grandmother Moon and for all the Stars, the Brothers and Sisters of Mother Earth.

When we look up towards Father Sky, let us remember, how small we are, and let us be filled with thankfulness and humility.

Today and always.

Great Spirit,

Our Creator,



Gichi Manitou,

Wakan Tanka,


Lord God,


Great Mystery!

You with so many name but one all encompassing energy.

You who is everywhere and within everything and everyone.

Today on the Summer Solstice, On National Aboriginal Day

We ask for Blessings

Please bless us and our loved ones

Please bless all our relations

Please bless the Earth Mother

Please bless everyone alive upon her and within the blanket of Sky father.

Shi Meegweetch



Thank you

Upcoming celebrations for National Aboriginal Day

I have been asked by the town of Huntsville to do the Noon Day Prayers for National Aboriginal Day, which is June 21st = the Summer Solstice

National Aboriginal Day is a fairly new holiday here is Canada.

Most Native communities have always celebrated the Summer Solstice according to their cultures and people living in the big cities drive home to the reservation for the day, much as other Canadians would do for Thanksgiving day.

So this day was essentially selected by the Government to pay long over-due tribute to the First Nations.

Here is a little more about it all came together:





Sadly there is little funding in the communities for putting an event and so we all organize things on aolunteer basis.



I  am planing to set up a cultural display for our 2 Host Nations, the Anishinaabe  ( = the Ojibwa)


and the Kanien’keha’:ka  (= the  Mohawk)


After the prayers at Noon I will have the Teaching Tent open for cultural teachings:            

– – Smudging:

       Making Prayers with sacred herbs
    = learn about smudging and  participate in a smudging ceremony   
— Our Host Nations the Anishinaabe and the Mohawk:
            a look at 2 distinct cultures –   

– – Buffalo teachings  –

– – Frame Drum circle 🙂

    I will bring the large Pow Wow Drum and extra  drums

– – sometime later …..

  after I catch my breath……
   Question period!!????

= What would you like to know..?

—-Closing prayers