A “visit” with Grandma Ulali

….Continued from the last post about the new little Ongon Spirit:

The blue colour is, what I said, thought or did, red however is, what the Spirits I saw, questioned and interacted with transmitted in pre-verbal “language” or in words, scenes / pictural transmissions.


It was late evening. I sat in my rocking chair and started rocking – No drum or anything needed – It was just time to “go”

I was at the Air Cave of Ulali Kirgaa’n A’wa. `

The little Spirit was dancing with a fur covered beater and a large Evenki-style drum.

What shall I do with him /her?”


Let her be! And let her serve you, not the other way around. This one is a Bitshhi’i Balder = minor minion, created by man for the trade, NOT a sacred Spirit of old.

She would like to be very important and and that you serve her. She is from the Denger Kög tradition(Blue Sky tradition)

Let your Ee’rens be in charge of her, to find out, if any new student has the Algyrey =Gift or the Grace of their Ancestors = is any good or if you are wasting your time and they do not have it, – just neeeeeeed……

Take her to the Ulug Chorum and let her dance there!”

The Ulug Chorum (That is one of the LARGE spoked Stone Wheels we have in Siberia)

It appeared large and in full Summer Sun with a steady stiff South-East Wind blowing. The little Bronze Spirit danced and plaid her drum.My new students were there, sitting at different cardinal points.

All my Eerens were sitting in the North in a row while the little Spirit danced around one specific student to find out …. = All that came out was a blue and brown Jesus Icon in a wooden frame.  It was thin as a shroud and tore easy, threads flowing away in the wind…..


Then Janet, a lady that as of late is studying with me came into focus: I watched, as the scene changed and I saw -(with guidance of Grand-awa Ulali) “Let her: A picture of a darkened room, windows covered and her, with all her paints and a canvas, that already had beige -brown and some russet red on it.. She wore ear-phones and the trance drum tape on, full kilter… She was supposed to paint like this, with the tape running… “

Then there was Jane, another one one of my new students: “– There she was, at the  living room table in my house, just looking at the Faerie deck, that I want to sell and all kinds of Fairies were falling out of her head into the deck and then ran through the room. … She took a dust broom  and swiped them all up and put them back into the box and put the box into her bag…… from where they all crawled back into her head….

NO problem there I guess.

Back at the Ulug Chorum.

Ulug Chorum = ritual circle3

All my Ee’rens were still watching….

The Spirit figurine still drummed and danced.

Should I use her as an Ongon ? For whom, for Umai Ee’ene?”

Would you want to stick such a vast Energy into a small static cold Bronze figurine???????”

Well – NO!!!!”

The 9 holed spoon I saw on that site from Nicholas BW came into my sight!

Should I get that! I love that!!!!”

What do you want with that? It is for a Dengeri. You are not Dengery, you are of the Kara Tschere’= Black Earth!

Take your blue scarf, that is all you need to honour the Sky Spirits.”

Then I asked about E. and the surgery and if it would go well.

The answers I got however are too private to put here, but a couple of weeks later they proved to be accurate.