Bear Medicine Pouch

Bear medicine Pouch:

I made this pouch, in honor of the Summer Solstice 2012 and the Healing Bear Spirit with whom I work on my clients.
It is also inspired by the many trance journeys I undertake in order to help my patients who are then laying on the mighty Bear fur in my treatment area here in my home.

This pouch is small and is meant to be worn around the neck, while meditating on healing or doing healing work.
It is Deer leather, gemstones, bone and wooden beads. I added Black Bear fur and a claw as well as a hand cut mighty She-Bear, from Bear bone, and a hand cut bone Eagle. Wolf and Rabbit fur are attached to the strap.
The fur, bone and claw originate from a Bear that was unfortunately killed last year in the fall hunt.

As it costs upwards of $ 2000.00 to cure and preserve a Bear fur this fur, head and paws were dumped into the trash of the local garbage dump. I rescued it from there, (..a smelly affair), had it professionally cured and now am attempting to give it a new live and purpose through my art.

Bear is and has always been, since the earliest human culture one of the most important Guardians and guides for a shaman. In Chauvet Cave in France altars with Cave Bear skulls were found. they predate the arrival of homo sapience and bear evidence of a Bear cult among the Neanderthal People. The first humans then added drawings of Bears in red ocher.
since these ancient times Bear gives strength, wisdom , reflection, introspection and – since Bear digs up roots, the power to heal with roots and herbs and plants. Among the Ainu, in Siberia, in Northern Europe and North America, just to name a few, evidence of this worldview is still prevalent and practiced widely.

For our tribe, the Uryanchai in Tuva, Siberia, the Bear, always called “revered Elder Bear“and is a Guardian and protector of the East of the “Wheel of Life”

The Celts revered Art, the Bear as the Primal Power, Sovereignty, deep instinct.
Art is the clan animal of King Arthur, the name coming from the Greek word Artos = Bear…..

Native American people recognize the Power of Bear as strength, goodness and knowledge of Self. Most tribal lore speaks of Bear bringing the powers to heal with herbs to the Medicine man/ woman.
For the Anishinaabe People Bear (Maqua) strands in the North of the Medicine Wheel, while most other tribes see the Bear in the West as a healer, having the Power to heal with herbs. (Herbalist)
The Mohawk People have a story, how Bear brought the Powers of healing to the Clan Mother of the Bear Clan People.
The Petroglyph design on the back of the pouch is Misquade i’ she = Mother Earth the Turtle upon which we all live from Petroglyph Provincial Park and Shoz Lisquoi, the Inde’ Bear with the lightning bolt for healing.

Other materials:

Deer leather: To honor Wa-Washkesh-shi, the Deer, seen to be standing in the dawn of Morning and promoting none-violent means to reach a goal as well as female sensuality. Deer is also here to balance the Powers of Bear, as it creates the balance between predator and prey.

Turquoise: This Stone Sisters is sacred to most First Nations People upon Turtle Island, standing for prevention of injuries and harm, for the Winter Solstice and the returning of the light. It also is seen as a gem for healing especially for the Apache= Inde’ and Navajo People.

Turquoise is just as revered in Siberia. There standing for the protective powers of Sky Father and his emissaries.

The Feathers I used:
Pheasant – pride in one’s own heritage
Ruffed Grouse – drumming and chanting
Heron – order and patience, the pragmatist, leader of the Medicine Circle
Robin – Joy of Morning
Evening Gross beak = sense of family, responsibility

Mallard – family values


Just in case, you were wondering; yes, this pouch is for sale.

It is a 12 hour work and I would need

$Can 110.00 for it….