Food for Beavers

Every winter the large snowplough roars down our country road in a blinding snow storm, miss-judges where exactly the roadbed ends and the soft shoulder begins and thereby rips and mows down all kinds of brush and branches of young Trees, that were (foolishly) growing right in the soft sunny shoulder . Now, in mid March, after the first thaw, these are exposed, ripped loose, laying in piles beside the road. Willow, Alder, young Birch – fast growing stuff….

Sad to see…..

Then , further down the road at the Kawpakwakog River crossing we see Beavers , sitting on the ice trying to reach a few stray branches of Willow, to supplement their by now depleted stash of food, that in fall they had piled high and within close reach of their lodges.

hungry Beaver

Seeing this made me think:

many tracks but not much to eat

many tracks but not much to eat

What ifffff! 🙂

What if I am going with the car , gathering up all the bunches of loose branches and bring them down to where we regularly see the Beavers? !!


Here we go!

Beaver Dinner delivered

Now, I hope, that – maybe later today, at sunset – or tomorrow I get to take a picture of the Amik the Beaver having lunch on me! 🙂


Amik – Ojibway = teaches creativity and family values and how to create a safe environment.

Tsianito is the Mohawk word for Beaver


Painting Max Beaver