Invocation – in cyber space?

    In Beauty and in Balance

 I am send Sacred Smoke towards the Powers of the EAST

 towards Spring, Morning, Sunrise, Future and New beginnings!

 I am giving thanks for their protection they provide for all living beings and for the gifts they instill into all of us:

 Confidence, Courage, Energy, Enthusiasm and Joy.

 May these gifts guide us through our days and through our lives.

  This site in Grandmother Spider’s worldwide web is dedicated towards exploring, learning, teaching and growing.

    – Always!

In Beauty and in Balance

I am send Sacred Smoke towards the Powers of the SOUTH,

towards Noon, Midday, Mid life, and the never ending hustle and bustle that makes up our daily life……

– but also towards the finer gifts of South: The deep seated power of Love, friendship, family bonds, passions,

all the powerful emotions awe human beings are capable of expressing and experiencing.

Let us give thanks for all of them, for they paint our lives with colour and dept.

May we thrive in our own inner South,

May we also find reprieve from stress and worries and find time and space – – for ourselves – and for each other.

may the gifts of summer always be with us and carry us through – any rough patches!

In Beauty and in Balance

I am send Sacred Smoke towards the Powers of the WEST, towards Autumn, Evening , Sunset, realm of introspection, change and letting goof all the things that no longer serve us well – or aide the Greater good.
West is the place where one digs deep – to find courage for change.

Let us give thanks for that strength, for that courage, and for the Sacred Blessing of healing and renewal,

that are ever present for all of us.

Towards healing and renewal, towards peace of body and mind we shall strive….

Today, here – and always!

In Beauty and in Balance

I am send Sacred Smoke towards the Powers of the NORTH, place of darkness, quiet, meditation, trance, dreams and visions.

Of the Stillness of winter but also of the ancestral wisdom.

Let us be keenly aware, that these gifts are here, within everyone at any time. when we tune inward, deep into ourselves, into our own inner Bear Cave, into our own inner Dreaming, we will awaken

– the small still voice of our Soul

– our own inner wisdom

– and the primordial wisdom of our Ancestors,

Guides and Guardians

Let us listen -deeply! and then, let us follow…..

– -Always!

I am send heartfelt greetings towards Mother Earth,

who still is sound asleep beneath a deep blanket of ice and snow. Soon however she will awaken and a new cycle of life will begin.

Let us give thanks for the abundance, she provides for all her children,

not just for us.

All Beings upon her broad back are our Brothers and sisters, our kin. So let us send our gratitudes to them:

the 4 Leggeds

the Swimmers,

the Winged Ones,

the Shape Changers,

the Green People

the Standing People

and the Rock Nation, that make up the Body of the Earth Mother.

Let us always protect the Body of our Mother and our family that lives upon it!

Let us send reverence towards the Fire in her belly

the Water in her veins

and the Air, that surrounds her body

Let us walk in Beauty and in Balance!

– Always!

I am sending Sacred Smoke towards Father Sky,

home to the Earth Mother and all her many Brothers and Sisters, that live within his blue-black blanket.

Let us send greetings to grandfather Sun, who keeps us warm, and to Grandmother Moon, that will rise anew tonight and fill us with sensuality and intuition.

May father Sky always remind us, how small we are.

May that fill us with gratitude and humility.

– Always!

Great Spirit,

Wakan Tanka,
Giche Manitou,
Lord God,
revered Goddess,
Great Mystery!
You with so many names, You who are everywhere and anywhere,
You within everyone and everything!
Great mystery please bless this Circle and all of us,
Please bless all our friends and loved ones

And please bless anyone and everyone alive upon Mother Earth and beyond.


Shyan am’

Hozho nah’ sha’

Chee Meegweetch