A Rice Blessing:

A Rice Blessing:

This is a response to a request for healing for “someone, who is having serious surgery today”:

While you read this, please open your heart and send prayers to a beautiful and gentle woman…..

It is also a “Give away” from my Spirits for all of you to use when needed.

– – a pinch of uncooked Rice

– –

Dear H.R.I.

As promised, I did a shamanic journey in order to find out how best to help your friend “Patty”

My Spirits told me to tell you, that you can help her, by giving her a Rice Blessing.

Yes, YOU!!

Because I am not in F. And you can get to her in the hospital and you can do it right there.


Well, Get some Rice, a hand full. Yes, any odd uncooked Rice will do.

Get a small container with clear water for Blessings.

Ritually cleanse both these things with sound

A tingsha bell, singing bowl….. even a gentle song on a guitar will do it.

Have none of these? Take a wine glass and snip against it’s rim with your finger…..

Sing, humm, chant over it – or say a mantra….. to invocate your items.

Ask it to help you bless Patty and to help her heal.

Then go to her with the Rice in a little dish and also a little vase of Water.

Put it on her night stand and say “Hello” from me and the Spirits 😉

Then take a small pinch of Rice and touch her gently on the following places of her body while –  maybe saying : Blessings of health and healing – or your mantra… or whatever comes to mind, that will be of help to her….

Gently touch her with your pinch of Rice on the top of her head, then

on her third eye spot, on the fore head,

on the eyes right first,

ears,right first


her throat…

Next on her right shoulder, then left shoulder,

right armpit, then left armpit,

VERY gently on the Breast area affected

Now discard the rice – wastepaper basket of a piece of paper, so you can take it away and burn it is even better.

NOW Repeat the process with a fresh pinch of Rice

Head first and then all the way to her left arm pit.

THEN Leave OUT the affected side and only bless the good Breast side and move on down to the heart,

then Solar plexus,

then genital area, No worries, you can do this above her bead spread/ blanket……

next spot is her thighs, right first, then left,

Right knee, then left,

right foot, then left,

Below her = the ground or end of bed…..

Then discard the Rice you used.

Then touch her with a drop of water the very same way, you did with the Rice:

A little drop on each spot and a bigger one where the healing of the surgery needs to take place……

Let her say a little prayer for her healing, say one with her.

Big Hugs, you  have done well.:)

Get rid of the used Rice but leave her the Water, so she can bless herself with it whenever she needs it.

Heart felt Blessings to both of you and all, who are involved!