A Rock for my Puzzle:

As I already told you in the November Nepal posts, we had regular teaching sessions with our Nepali shaman teacher Bhola Banstola.

One morning he told us about his spiritual pilgrimage earlier in the year to Mount Kailash, the Sacred Mountain for Buddhists, Hindus, Bönpos, Jains, shamans and many other spiritual worshippers.

30 Mount Kailash North Face from Dirapuk Gompa On Mount Kailash Outer Kora

Mount Kailash is in Eastern Tibet and many pilgrims travel there to circum ambulate the “Holy Mountain” in a prayerful manner. Bhola had done so too and while travelling had collected stones – rocks from the foot of Mount Kailash.

These “souvenirs” are seen as carrying the very potency of “The Mountain within them and are powerful “Medicine”

Now, Bhola had brought one of these rocks for each of us, for our altar and our Nepali Medicine Pouches.

Mt Kailash

Before we received them Bhola told us about Mount Kailash being the all POWERFUL seat of the Gods.

Here are a few sites, where you can read more about Mount Kailash:




The rocks Bhola had for us, were quite different in size and geological composition – one was a rough crystal, others igneous rock, others sandstone and Bhola now felt overwhelmed to just distribute them himself -(and letting us choose was out of the question too…..) So he asked one of the circle members, Michael, to use his instincts and distribute them, as he saw fit and just.

So slowly Michael picked up the lot and then first holding each rock close to his heart, moved around the room and passed it into the waiting hands of its recipient.

Into my cupped hands I received the large lump of sheer crystal!

It was HEAVY and HOT and a powerful ENERGY surged through my hands into my spine and down into my root seat.

I started to shake.

I dare not look at it.

Bhola started a Blessing Ritual that we were to follow in order to welcome our rock.

Later, finally I took a closer look at my new treasure: It is pure rock crystal. But- and I started shaking again: There, in the upper part is a portal , a natural passage winding itself between glittering miniature crystals deep into the rock – and out the other side!

This rock is –dare I say it out loud- a Chicken God, a Blessing Stone from the Sacred Mount Kailash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Crystal rocl from Mt Kailash

For me????????????????????

In Sanskrit the word Kailasa  means “crystal!

Whouw!!! How special!

The Portal


Of course Peter also received a stone.

His stone looked like all the other stones passed out:

Peters Kailash Rock


At the centre of the earth, there stands a great mountain,

Lord of Snows, majestic, rooted in the sea,

its summit wreathed in clouds

a measuring rod for all creation

– Kalidasa, Indian poet and dramatist (4C)