What is your Credo?

What is your Credo?

This morning I took a step back and thought:
” Why am I doing this?

What is “in it “ for me?”
Of course, it is FUN!!!!
I loooove to do this….
It is – like teaching, just doing it together with friends. And then it “clicked” in my Bird brain:

It is my credo, that I am following, when I am doing this!
And: My credo is still “right on”.
That however I find very important!
See, I also have this journal, for small daily entries of what is going on and “every day life” that my husband and me fill out every day.
> The Sacred journey – Daily journal for your Soul< ,
In the front of it however it asks the user to write:
My Credo:
My Heart calling:
My path of service:
Building my Circle:
My Giveaway to others and myself:
along with
Goals for the coming year specified in to
-Spiritual, relationships, finances, health, personal growth, creative expressions, travel and play and several other headings….

But it all starts with your credo as the foundation , the basis upon which your life stands….
For the last 11 years my credo has not changed and it is good to feel it freshly affirmed.
My Credo has 3 parts:

I am a part of the Universe and the Universe is a part of me.
We are all part of this living Universe.
Everything is alive!
Everything has a story…..

I am standing beneath a Teaching Tree
who’s vast branches stretch towards the Light
I can not see the outer parts of these branches,
because the Tree is forever growing.
So am I.

My life fulfilling truth
is a philosophy,
for which many others have no frame of reference.
By walking my path
I can change that.

…………………………… ……………………………………….
What is your credo?